BTS remakes “Come Back Home” video for Seo Taiji and Boys’ 25th Anniversary

In the history of K-pop, Seo Taiji and boys have earned a reputable place of being the revolutionary band that re-defined industry’s music in 1990s. This year, the band is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

To celebrate their anniversary, Seo Taiji, a few days ago, announced that he will be collaborating with BTS for the remake of their legendary single “Come Back Home”. Today, BTS released the music video and their cover on various music sites.

For the remake, Rap Monster and J-Hope re-wrote the lyrics by adding some of their lines. They maintained the original essence of the song while at the same time, giving their own unique flavour to it.

The collaboration then is not a coincidence.

“Come Back Home” talks about a young boy who runs away from home to escape his adversities. Even though he is fighting for his dreams, the individual does not has hope as he thinks that he has a “shitty future”. Throughout the song, a invocation for the lost individual is given out where he is constantly told to “come back home”. The message is simple yet important- in home, lies warmth of heart.

BTS in their albums “Wings” and “You Will Never Walk Alone” showcased the inner struggle a teenager goes through while he/she is adolescent. Even their earlier albums talk about the social and personal struggle youth goes through. Therefore, parallels and similarities in terms of theme and depiction could be seen in the Seo Taiji and boys’ music video and BTS’ music videos.

As reported by All K-pop,

“BTS’s “Come back home” is the first song to release for Seo Taeji’s 25th debut anniversary remake project “Time: Traveller”. “Time: Traveller” is a project that remakes the hit songs of Seo Taeji by his junior artists with the theme of bringing present from the future. BTS who has grown as the international KPOP representing team was chosen as the first runner of the remake project. Younha, Loopy & nafla and others will release their remake songs digitally in order.”

Check out the beautiful cover below:

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