BTS reveal the concept photos for their new album “Map of the Soul: Persona”

Following the release of the comeback trailer “Persona“, Big Hit has finally revealed the concept photos for the new album. Released in two batches, the label has dropped Version 1 and Version 2 for “Map of the Soul: Persona”. The photos have been shared on all the social media platforms.

The concept photos unveiled a new look of all the seven members.

Placed in the pink backdrop, the photos revealed new hair colors but a common motif of “capturing” the image. The motif can be traced back to Jin’s habit of capturing members’ (I Need U, Spring Day including others) but this time, the members are capturing themselves through the camera and via the mirror.

In his comeback track “Persona”, RM talked about the dilemma of his identity. With an aim to create a distinction between his stage persona RM and his real self Kim Namjoon, the rapper talked about the factors that contribute to his reflection. Taking a jibe on “But Namjoon”, RM talked about the irony of how people tend to put a value on him but they cannot accept his flaws. The concept of “look” with a segmentation between how one looks at one’s self (including flaws) and how they look from others’ perspective can be seen in the concept photos.

Using Jungian philosophy of persona, ego, and shadow, RM showcases the self-awareness of the multiple lives he is living, a stage that will eventually transition into acceptance of self and the many states he will find himself in. The comeback trailer hinted at the concept that the new album will be following. “Love Yourself: Answer” ended with the boys learning that they need to love themselves before they can love others.

As evident from the genre of hip hop that BTS used in the comeback trailer and the intro clip which we encountered in their second extended play, the new album seems to be a continuation of the storyline that began with “Skook Luv Affair” and might talk about both the negative as well as the positive aspects of the “self” (concept of “persona” and “shadow”). But this is a mere interpretation. We will need to wait for the official release of the album to figure out the new storyline.

The new album will be released on April 12, 2019. With over 2.6 million pre-orders, this album is highly anticipated.

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