BTS unveil latest Map of the Soul: Persona concept pictures

With under two weeks until BTS release arguably one of the most highly anticipated albums of the year, BigHit Entertainment have just released the second batch of concept pictures.

After revealing the first set of comeback pictures on April 1st, BigHit took to their Twitter and Instagram to announce the latest set.

The sickeningly sweet pictures for version 3 and version 4 display an incredibly soft looking BTS paired together with a subtle pink filter adding further to the dreamy element of the concept.

It has been heavily speculated that Map of the Soul: Persona will be focusing on dreams due to the references of Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, who is known for his work on the collective unconscious, personality, dream analysis and the human psyche.

The new BTS era has already gathered over 2.6 million preorders and is looking to be their biggest yet as their comeback stage will be performed on ‘Saturday Night Live!’ on April 13th.

You can preorder Map of the Soul: Persona now and for all the latest news on BTS don’t forget to follow the CelebMix account.

Written by Ellie Nicholas

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