BTS – Burn The Stage: an insight into the life of the world’s biggest boyband

November 15th saw the debut film ‘Burn the Stage’ from the biggest boy group in the world BTS begin its limited screenings across the world. The docu-film gives an insight into the mayhem that is life as the seven-piece during ‘The Wings Tour’ and how they catapulted into global stardom during 2017.

‘Burn the Stage’ doesn’t sugar coat what life is like for these boys; it shows the hardships they endure with such hectic schedules, how tiresome touring is when you are incorporating such strong performances into an almost 3-hour show day in day out, and how they have sometimes wished for it to end due to the sheer scale of their global popularity and what this entails for them.  BTS have always reinforced that they want to remain as open and honest as possible with the fans about their struggles and constant desire to improve themselves whether it be in their performance or as individuals, one reason why fans have connected so much with the members.

However, this is not a doom and gloom movie, it is a celebration of the success of the most unlikely of groups. It was not written in the stars for BTS to be one of the top groups of South Korea, their early days saw them being cut out of Korean broadcasts due to them not having the popularity or backing of one of the bigger companies. However, fast forward five years and they have dominated the industry. During a meeting with BigHit Entertainment CEO Bang Si-hyuk, the group discuss their success due to their high energy, incredible passion and drive to craft the best music possible and their fans ARMY for their constant love and support to ensure that these boys are achieving all that they deserve. The latter message of the love and support from their fans is a key focus of the film, ensuring that each and every fan who purchases a ticket to this film leaves truly understanding that these seven boys are incredibly grateful for the support given to them, and that the feeling is mutual. As stated by the boys themselves in the film ‘Our fans became our shield, now it’s our time be their shield.’

The focus is not purely on the work ethic of these boys, but also provides a look into their lives outside of being ‘BTS’ and portrays them as Namjoon, Yoongi, Seokjin, Hoseok, Taehyung, Jimin and Jungkook. One of the funniest moments comes from their off day where they spent time goofing around as seven normal boys, cooking barbeque, sipping on alcohol and messing around in a pool like normal young men.

The documentary reinforces the gratitude that these boys have for the opportunities that they are given. The emotional looks on their faces as they performed in sold out arenas across America, the pure shock on their faces as made history with winning at the Billboard Music Awards and their tears spilt during their final concert of the Wings Tour at the Gocheok Sky Dome, Seoul. BTS have proven to stay incredibly humble and never take a moment for granted despite everything they have accomplished during their time as a group.

Burn the Stage is a heart-warming film that shows that behind the non-stop touring and hectic lifestyles that Korean idols live, are seven normal boys with a passion for music, a passion for performing, the biggest gratitude for their ARMYS for standing by them and understanding their messages despite language and cultural barriers and most importantly as a tight knit family who are there for one another.

Burn the Stage is in select cinemas across the world now. Check out the official website for all remaining dates and ticket availability.


Written by Ellie Nicholas

A 23-year-old UK-based graduate.
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