Busted are back at their best – Nineties single review.

It’s nearly been 3 years since British pop-rock band Busted reunited after a 10-year split. In that time there has been 2 epic tours, an album, countless summer show appearances and a whole host of fun. Last week the band revealed their 4th album aptly named ‘Halfway There’ (referencing their smash hit Year 3000 and their 7th album will outsell Michael Jackson) and their 2019 arena tour schedule. If that wasn’t enough, the band unleashed their new single ‘Nineties’ to give fans old and new a taste of the upcoming album.

Here at CelebMix, we’ve decided to give the track a listen, and review it for you!

‘Nineties’ opens softly with James Bourne singing and a Backstreet Boys vibe with the music. The initial thought in our minds is that Busted could have decided to take their next album’s direction into the golden era of boy bands. Just as you start to imagine Busted in white suits and doing air grabs everything changes.

The Busted we’ve all known and loved for so long kick in, heavy guitars, funky bass lines from Matt Willis and the ultimate magic; Charlie Simpsons gritty rock vocals leading the next part of the song. The lyrics are still cheeky, and still unique, but the whole sound is Busted. If you were a fan of their second album – A Present For Everyone then this track will be the perfect gift for you.

Willis gives his cheeky vocals to the track, and the whole energy of the song is pure pop rock fun. The lyrics are all about missing a simpler time, but the feeling this song gives is that this is the perfect time for bands to make a massive wave in the music industry once more. We don’t ‘miss the nineties’, were left excited and thirsty for more from Busted.

Although Busted’s Night Driver album is set firmly in our most played and most loved albums – it was a great way to reintroduce the band and show a more grown-up but fun side we can’t help but think ‘Half Way There’ is the album that had made those 3953 days that we had to live without Busted entirely worth it.

Stream ‘Nineties’ here!

Busted’s 4th studio album ‘Half Way There’ is available now for preorder, and tickets have just gone on sale for the 2019 arena tour.

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Written by NikiSmith

I really like busted.