Busted Set To Release Third Album This Year

It has been 13 long years since Busted released their second album “A Present For Everyone” and up until November last year, everyone, even the members themselves, thought  a reunion and a third album were as likely as pigs flying.

Since their reunion last year and previous to their reunion tour famously named “Pigs Can Fly”, the group released the new synth-pop song Coming Home. During the tour, two new songs named Easy and One of a Kind were debuted.


According to the Sun, Busted has signed a brand new record deal with Warner Music and will release their third album later this year. It is said to be all done and “ready to go”.

Regarding new album’s sound, Matt Willis commented, saying “I think people are going to be a bit shocked but it’s what we wanted. It wasn’t on purpose, we just started working and ended up writing these certain style of songs, in a certain type of way and it all happened.”

Elaborating, Willis praised their new material and particularly Coming Home that already has a different sound that most of the trio’s two-album discography from over a decade ago. “It’s the best s**t we’ve ever done by ten times. The first single is f***ing ridiculous. I’m more proud of our first single than anything I’ve ever done in my life. It is the most epic song, it’s ridiculous.”

If Coming Home, Easy and One of a Kind are anything to go from, Busted will do just fine.

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Written by CelebMix