Caesars Palace Pay £400,000 for ‘Best Possible Air’ to Protect Adele’s Voice During Residency

There’s no shortage of glitz and glamour at Caesars Palace on the Las Vegas strip.

The penthouse suite will cost you a cool £1,800 a night to rent, and in 2019 – the last full pre-pandemic year for the hospitality industry – the Caesars group turned over a cool £7.4 billion in revenue.

That’s why they are able to fork out for the most in-demand – and expensive – entertainment acts around for their famous residencies, and at the tail end of 2022 and into next year it’s Adele that will take to the stage as the casino’s in-house singer. The British star started her five-month stay at Caesars in November and will play shows so in demand that reseller sites are charging £38,000 per ticket.

It’s interesting to see how Las Vegas has continued to invest in residencies as an important string to its bow. Vegas’ gambling offerings are unmatched and continuously popular, as evidenced by the industry’s enormous success in both the land-based and online sectors, which continue to offer top casino bonuses and offers to players. But where gambling has kept a consistent pace, live entertainment is where Vegas can stand out.

The Rolling in the Deep artiste will be rolling in the cash by the end of her residency, and to ensure she delivers first-class entertainment every night Caesars are also splashing out on ensuring Adele has the best possible conditions.

They have created a ‘bubble’ backstage that features dehumidifiers, purification units, cooling fans, and even water molecule dispersion technology to ensure the 34-year-old’s vocal cords are kept in premium condition. “Adele is getting the best possible air to protect her voice,” a spokesperson from the casino commented.

Expected to take home nearly one million dollars (£850,000) per show, it makes sense for Caesars to protect their investment in Adele.

Garden of the Gods

When she’s not performing, what can Adele enjoy in her downtime at Caesars Palace? Plenty, is the answer, and it’s clear why travellers from the UK, Ireland and beyond flock to the venue that first opened its doors nearly 60 years ago.

As one of the most popular casinos on the planet, Adele could stake some of her considerable wealth on the gaming tables. There are 185 different gaming experiences that she can try, from blackjack and roulette to craps and poker, as well as a mammoth 1,324 slot machines to spin the reels of.

If Adele prefers a more laidback vibe to soothe her luxurious larynx, the Qua Baths & Spa has its own Laconium Room (which apparently is like a more gently-heating sauna), Roman baths and an Arctic Ice facility. Meanwhile, hairdresser to the stars Michael Boychuck – a favourite of Rihanna, J-Lo and the Kardashians – is on hand to flourish the follicles of the rich and famous.

There’s also an on-site shopping centre, where brands include Versace, Louis Vuitton and Giorgio Armani, restaurants helmed by Gordon Ramsay and Guy Savoy and a number of different bars and nightclubs, where Adele can watch the big game, sip a cocktail or dance the night away.

There are seven different swimming pools, 48 cabanas and, true to form, ‘swim up’ blackjack tables, although it’s likely that Adele will score an invite to the Bacchus Pool, a VIP-only slice of paradise that welcomes just eight guests at a time.

So there’s no shortage of things for Adele to do as she takes up home at Caesars Palace, in what is expected to be one of the highest-grossing musical performances in history.

Written by Monella