Cameron Hawthorn is the country gay icon we all need

Americana infused country singer-songwriter Cameron Hawthorn creates stunningly poignant music for our times. He burst onto the scene with his single and accompanying visuals for “Dancing in the Living Room” in March last year to viral success. Fans loved his take on coming out through a heartfelt video of him dancing with his partner in his living room. Hawthorn then relocated to Nashville and released “Oh Hot Damn!”, an upbeat foot stomping pop country tune.  

Cameron Hawthorn’s latest release goes back to what he does best, creating warm ballads of love and heartache. Entitled “To Break Hers”, the track features delicate piano, husky vocals and infectious melodies.  “To Break Hers” details the struggle of dating and coming out.  Hawthorn confides, “Navigating dating is a difficult process in general, and I hate that when it doesn’t work out, someone usually gets hurt. For me, there was an added level of why it would never work out with this girl, and it wasn’t until coming out and looking back on the relationship and breakup that I was truly able to process it all.”

The singer-songwriter grew up in Kansas and often attributes this vast landscape as a major influence in his music. Hawthorn is known for his candid storytelling and unique fusion of Americana dipped country pop.  “To Break Hers” is off of his upcoming EP set for release later this year. Cameron Hawthorn has a strong desire to show others that acceptance is possible even in a musical genre not often associated with the LGBTQ community.  He understands that “love is love” and hopes to inspire others to be true to themselves as well as encourage others to do the same.  Watch “To Break Hers” now and get excited for what is next. 

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Written by ChloeRobinson

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