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credit: Olivia Malone / Clash Magazine

Camila Cabello covers Clash Magazine

Camila Cabello is one of six cover stars for the 112th issue of Clash Magazine, which is celebrating its 15th anniversary.

With the tagline “Turn the world upside down”, the issue focuses on artists who are unafraid to unapologetically be themselves, and have made their mark by expressing themselves. Since making her solo debut, Camila has had a huge impact on the music industry and has most certainly turned the world upside down in many ways.

In addition to appearing on the cover, Camila spoke with Clash Magazine’s Simon Harper for an interview about personal growth, needing normality, and the detriment of social media in the creative process.

Camila released her self-titled debut solo album in January 2018 and since then it seems that the talented songstress has truly found her place both as an artist and on a personal level. Speaking about her personal growth, she said: “Since that album I’ve fallen in love and I’ve experienced life – I feel so much more alive now, and I don’t feel scared anymore.”

“I think that on a personal level I was just scared: I was scared of going out and meeting people, going on dates and this and that, and I kinda was very sheltered in my own little bubble, and since I’ve broken that bubble, it’s kinda like a never-ending place to pull from because it’s all coming from a real place.”

Something which has also affected Camila on a personal level is social media. Whilst it’s a huge part of every day culture, even more so when it comes to artists as it allows them to connect to their fans, it can be an extremely negative place and Camila opened up about how it can affect your creativity.

“I just want to be coming from such a pure state, and I feel like going on social media and seeing opinions – even if they’re good ones; people’s opinions comparing yourself to other people – I really think that it affects the creative process,” she said. “I feel like it’s necessary to just be as human as you can all the time, but especially keeping it pure for the writing process.”

With that in mind, Camila also spoke about needing normality within her whirlwind life. “You see pictures of me in LA and sometimes I just look like trash because I didn’t know that there was going to be paparazzi there. I don’t dress for that all the time. I’m just like, ‘Oh, I’m just gonna go around the corner,’ and then I’ll see the picture on the Internet and I’ll be like, ‘Shit!’ But it’s just because I can’t – I can’t be in heels and do two hours of glam every day just in case there’s a picture of me. That’s just not a sacrifice I’m willing to make.”

She might crave normality but Camila is certainly buzzworthy right now with no less than three releases on the go. ‘Señorita’, her collaboration with Shawn Mendes, has just hit the top spot on the UK Singles chart, her music video for ‘Find U Again’ with Mark Ronson was released last week, whilst she recently fulfilled a dream by teaming up with Ed Sheeran and Cardi B on a track called ‘South of the Border’, taken from Ed’s new No.6 Collaborations Project.

Clash Magazine is available here.

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Photographer: Olivia Malone / Fashion Editor: Britt McCamey / Hair: Allan Avandano / Make-up: Demitri Giannetos / Interview by: Simon Harper

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