Camila Cabello Creates a Beautiful Mash-Up of Rihanna’s “Work” and Drake’s “Energy”

It’s always a great day when Fifth Harmony’s Camila Cabello decides to upload a cover video.

The nineteen-year-old singer has posted a few videos of her singing covers in the past, such as her cover of twenty one pilots’ “Stressed Out” and her version of Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself”. Now she’s back with another, although she didn’t cover just one song this time; she decided to mash two together and it’s awesome.

With just herself and her guitar, Camila performed her own mash-up of two killer songs: Rihanna’s “Work” and Drake’s “Energy”. You can watch it down below.

Just like always, Camila shows the world exactly what she’s capable of. What’s even crazier is that according to the Fifth Harmony member, she sang and played this particular mash-up at one in the morning. Even with it being that early in the day, Camila gave her performance all that she had. That’s true dedication, and it definitely makes the performance stronger.

We can’t wait to hear the next cover Camila creates, but for now? We’ll have this cover and Fifth Harmony’s new song “Work From Home” on repeat.

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Written by Jessica Brown

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