Carly and Martina deliver a sentimental song of young love in “Your Song”

Twins Carly and Martina have concocted a luscious and emotional new release with “Your Song”. Narrating the excitement of young love and the overwhelming pain of heartbreak, the sisters deliver a relatable song, oozing with sincerity and sass. Together, Carly and Martina combine their sultry vocals to pack a punch, letting the soft, delicate instrumentation create a dreamy and euphoric backdrop. 

In just three minutes and 37 seconds the twins woo listeners, while paying homage to 90’s R&B pop artists. Refusing to shy away from being their most authentic and vulnerable selves, we get a firsthand look into some of their most personal and intimate moments. Carly and Martina share, “We wanted teen nostalgia to partner with a throwback beat for this song. We had this vision of someone opening a mixtape that was tied to an important relationship for them and immediately deep-diving into their feels while listening to it.”

The song comes to life through layered harmonies, adding depth to the heart-aching song. With live acoustic guitars the duo add a level of musical sophistication and a raw edge. The twins confide, “We really relate to how a breakup can seem fine until you hear a certain song that completely takes you back to that moment, and we wanted to not only make this song sound like that, but also make this song say that.”

With double the talent, the girls are taking the industry by storm and there is no stopping them. As well as their infectious pop bangers, the duo use their platform to touch on more important topics, such as self-empowerment, and helping others around you. In 2017 they even held a TEDxTalk and are known for working alongside charities and companies which help underprivileged communities.

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Written by ChloeRobinson

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