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CELEBMIX EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Carly and Martina Releases New Single & Music Video “Block His Number”

We love giving you CelebMix exclusive premieres, and this is definitely a good one. Released today, Carly and Martina bring it with this awesomely catchy summer-vibing track “Block His Number”. Not only that but we get to exclusively reveal the bright and colourful summer-ready music video.

Carly and Martina are a twin-sister duo who are only 16 years old yet they have a passion and drive to make it big in the music industry. They already have a large following on social media, they already have a bunch of single releases, and they already have thousands of Spotify streams and YouTube views behind them. They’ve been trained in classical and jazz music, and they have used what they’ve learned to create great pop tunes. They released their debut single in 2014, when they were just 11 years old, titled “Make Me Happy” which went viral and launched their career. They keep on improving and their latest track, “Block His Number”, encourages their listeners to just enjoy their summer.

They’ve gone on to talk at various events, including TEDxTalk where they shared the importance of using their music to instil confidence in others. They have also partnered up with United Way of Metro Chicago helping underprivileged children through songwriting workshops.

Their brand new single, “Block His Number” was released today. The twins self-styled, self-directed, and self-produced this music video which goes to show how much effort they are willing to put in for their music career. We truly believe that they will go on to have amazing success. The song was written by Carly Spiro, Martina Spiro, and Victoria Shaw.

Check Out The Music Video To Carly And Martina’s Brand New Single “Block His Number” Here:

Of the song, Martina said: “This song’s all about moving on from people who don’t treat you right. It’s all about enjoying the summer with your friends, and leaving the drama behind!”

Carly went on to say: “We kept seeing our friends make their plans around guys who didn’t treat them right, and we would constantly tell them to just ‘block their number so we could enjoy the summer!’ That inspired the hook. We wanted to send the message that you can move on and have fun without people who don’t deserve you!”

We certainly are obsessed with the song. The lyrics are easy to sing along to and these twins sure know how to get the song stuck in your head. It’s a personal and deep concept worked around a summer-produced track that has definitely arrived right on time – we can so see ourselves playing this song all summer.

Not only that, but it does release regret into the listeners as we all think back to a time when we should’ve just blocked that guy’s number and enjoyed the summer with our friends – some of us may only just be realising that we need to do this right now, whilst some of you have been telling this exact same thing to a friend who isn’t listening, perhaps you should send this song to them, that may help.

As for the video, we can’t get enough of Carly and Martina’s visual. It’s bright and colourful, infusing summer in every single way whilst exuding their fun and bubbly personality. They show how much fun the summer can be and they make us all wish we were their friends.

Talking about the video itself, Carly and Martina said: “The video concept is our own brainchild! We wanted to go with bright colors and incorporate elements like the sun chairs, palm trees, and pool floaties to set the stage for summer. At the same time, we wanted to incorporate vintage elements like the rotary phones and vintage ice cream cart to hint that boy trouble is nothing new. It was amazing to see our concept come to life and to share it with the world!”

Stream Carly And Martina’s New Song “Block His Number” Now:

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