Carnage Releases Wickedly Contagious “KTM” As GORDO

Hawaii-based artist Carnage is back with the debut of his new house alias GORDO, having recently released “KTM” via Ultra Records.

According to Carnage/GORDO, “There is no question that ‘KTM’ is the one track that defines exactly who I am as an artist in this exact moment in time. This song came together after years of self-discovery through music and being open-minded to new ways of life and inspirations. This is the beginning of the new me.”

Carnage established himself as the boss of hard bass and trap early on, followed by shifting into hip-hop and rap. He’s now going all-out into house music, too, evidenced by “KTM.”

Prior to setting up his label Heavyweight Records, Carnage churned out hits: “I Like Tuh” with ilovemakonnen, “Bricks” with Migos, “Down for Me” and “Guala” with G-Eazy, “Homie” with Meek Mill and Yung Thug, “Learn How to Watch” with Mac Miller and MadeInTYO, and “iShyne” with Lil Pump.

He then took a break in 2018 to concentrate on his mental health, followed by releasing “Letting People Go,” featuring Prinze George and “Wait For Me” with G-Eazy and Wiz Khalifa. Then he hooked up with the RAICES foundation to release the music video “Letting People Go,” alerting people to the status quo of immigration and revisiting his family’s journey to America.

“KTM” rolls out on a thumping tech-house beat topped by thick, deep layers of sound riding overhead. GORDO’s tantalizing flow borders between melodicism and rap-lite, conjuring up memories of Post Malone’s distinctive voice, launching a brand-new, inimitable house genre full of pulsing dynamics and low-slung wickedly addictive lyrics.

“Ketamine / Got me going loco, loco / All up on the scene.”

Carnage as GORDO definitely has it going on! “KTM” throbs with dark, provocative dance energy, at once addictive and infectiously superb.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.