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Casper Sun Reveals New Single “Chill W U,” feat. Sunroof95

Casper Sun releases “Chill W U,” featuring Sunroof95, the second track from his debut LP, Sunshine Radio, slated to drop Tuesday, August 31.

Speaking to the track, Casper shares, “Someone once told me a person needs 8 hugs a day for maintenance and a healthy immune system. I didn’t really get what that meant at first, but after this year, I see what she means. ‘Chill W U’ is a song about love in all its shapes and forms, and at the end of the day, I’d love nothing more than to spend time with friends and family. Maybe we’re not quite there yet, but maybe we can get closer one more hug at a time.”

In 2019, Casper released “visions” and “tite jams,” followed by “Wavy Luv,” the lead single from Sunshine Radio. With his delicious sound, blending indie-pop rainbows of color with the heft and punch of hip-hop, Casper’s music crafts rich, smooth textures traveling on lusciously structured sonic milieus.

“Chill W U” opens with Sunroof95’s silky voice riding over shimmering keyboards as rippling plush layers of sound intertwine into luxurious textures. When the rhythm, low-slung yet potent, enters, the tune takes on glowing undulations of coloration.

Sunroof95’s timbres, cashmere and affluent with glossy melodicism, infuse the lyrics with scrummy flavors rife with quixotic nuances, narrating his longing to connect with his lover. The ebb and rise of gorgeous, graceful hues suffuse the song with sumptuous currents, gliding on effortless, velvety surfaces

The harmonics shift to hazy, drifting filaments, followed by a dazzling, sensuous guitar imbuing the tune with soft, sizzling licks, enhancing the passionate sense of the song. Simultaneously upmarket and polished to a radiant sheen, the creamy leitmotifs weave into glistening fusions of posh ambiance.

At once elegant and rife with buttery patinas of color, “Chill W U” delivers mood-elevating concentrations topped by deluxe vocals.

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