CC Clarke talks all about CastawayBeauty!

We caught up with CelebMix favourite CC Clarke about her latest endeavours in the beauty industry, and the expansion of her successful wig line.

Hey CC! What have you been up to since we last spoke?

I’ve been so busy – I’ve done a lot of travelling, I’ve been to New York, Paris and Dubai with some of my favourite make-up brands. I’ve been recording in the studio for my next single which I am so excited about – I can’t wait to release it later this year. I’ve just launched my company Castaway beauty which is an expansion on my successful wig company. I’ve also been a busy Mum to my two cats who I am totally obsessed with!

Can you tell us more about CastawayBeauty?

So this is an expansion of my successful wig line – I wanted to create a one stop beauty shop. For me as I’m so busy and travelling a lot I thought what would girls who are also busy want and for me I love the fact we are building a one stop shop for everything hair and beauty related. I am hand picking some of my favourite brands and the feedback so far has been amazing – I’m absolutely loving it and it’s one of my favourite ventures I’ve launched. 

What inspired you to create the brand?

Making something accessible for young girls. I think before now wigs were always something that people may not have explored because they were so expensive – fashion changes quickly and girls can’t always spend a lot on a quick fashion fix or look and neither should they – they don’t need to. So what I’ve created is great quality wigs, that look natural, obviously don’t damage your hair and are very affordable too. I wear them most days of the week and love changing my look up without breaking the bank.

We love your wigs! Do you have a favourite colour?

The candy floss and the blonde smoke are two great ones – I’ve worn these both a lot recently when I was in New York and also Dubai.

How would you describe your style?

I would describe it as fierce, I’m not afraid to take risks. I would say it’s bold but then I also like to girlie sometimes but with an edge, I like to find the balance – wearing a pair of joggers with a pair of heals – I don’t follow rules and the older I get the more confidence I’ve got to just be myself. I have an obsession with leather jackets and doc martins at the moment!

What can fans expect to look out for over the next few months?

New music is coming and I can’t wait to share it with my followers! I’ve got some secret make-up projects, new wigs and my first ever music video as well so stay tuned!

How can fans keep up to date with your news?

They can follow me at @CCClarkeBeauty on Instagram and that’s my handle for YouTube as well for my tutorials 

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Written by Enya Savage

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