CelebMix Crush: Calum Hood

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Calum Hood is known for his role as the bassist for his band, 5 Seconds Of Summer, along with his bandmates and best friends Luke, Michael and Ashton. Given a chance at fame, they’ve achieved so much over the past five years and respectively earned their place under the spotlight with their love for the art of music.

From playing their home garage in Australia to performing sold out shows all over the world, we’ve had the chance to see Calum grow as an individual and as a musician. He has gone through so much in his journey to success – even giving up a potential professional career in football. And even then, his kind heart and passionate soul have proved to be deserving of our love and support throughout the years.


Calum is very passionate in expressing himself through music. He’s known to have written a handful of heart-warming songs for the band. It’s very evident that he puts his heart and soul into writing the songs that we all love by now. But the reason doesn’t end there on why Calum is such a huge inspiration to many.

It’s no doubt that Calum is gifted with an incredible talent for music but what stands out the most is his kind-hearted soul that understands and relates to all of us. Being a famous rockstar, Calum has a huge influence on people, especially the fans who are mostly young teens from around the world. He uses this privilege to spread positivity and kindness that everyone takes inspiration from – even in times of difficulties throughout his journey. In the industry that he’s in, issues and challenges are always right around the corner, waiting for that moment to test your strength and personality. And we know for a fact that Calum’s been through a lot of tough problems in the past that has painted his personality in a bad light. Those challenges were never easy and can be quite deteriorating for a young rising artist. But even after the hardships, Calum continued to show kindness to everyone – his positive personality always shining in dark times. He continues to inspire people to be strong and to keep believing in their selves to find their own happiness, no matter what or where it is.

Calum is also a family person. One thing that everyone loves about him is his relationship with his dad, mother and older sister. He has always expressed love and gratitude for his family for their continuous support for his musical endeavours despite giving up his interest and passion for a professional football career. He even attended a football training camp in Barcelona to prepare him for entry into professional football, in which his parents invested their time and support for him before he decided to become a musician. The bond he shares with his family is always an inspiration to all of us, especially the sibling love between him and his sister, Mali-Koa.

Overall, Calum is an amazing person inside and out. He’s another clear definition of talent, love, kindness, positivity, art, hope and strength paired with an incredibly handsome face that we all admire and will continue to support for years to come.


Here are some of our favourite photos from Calum’s Instagram feed.

We are looking forward to another year of band shots, hot selfies, and fun photos with his family and friends (and puppies, of course) on Calum’s Instagram this year.

Written by CelebMix