CelebMix Exclusive: Brit Daniels on ‘Eulogy’ and the pop genre in Nashville

If you’re keeping up with new music sensations, we’ve got a name you have to add to your list. Brit Daniels. Brit is fresh off the release of her lyric video for her must-listen song ‘Eulogy’ and enjoying life as an emerging pop artist. Currently based in music city Nashville – the beauty is bringing a unique taste of pop to the city alongside her silver high top Vans.

We first learned about Brit through the cover of ‘Issues’. The song is everywhere and her cover is easily the best that we’ve heard. Truth is, all of her covers are incredible and as she brings her own spin to some of music’s biggest tunes. On top of her already amazing covers is her original music, which is absolutely indescribable.

Sometimes, music needs a fresh voice, attitude, and spirit to break a mold, and Brit is the girl to do it.

We got to speak to her after the release of her video for ‘Eulogy’ about her own music inspirations, what genre is her favorite, and who she hopes to work with in the future. She’s inspiring, she’s talented, and by the end of the interview – you’ll want to hang out with her. We know we do.

First things first – ‘Issues’ is one of our favorite songs right now. Your cover is absolutely incredible. What inspired you to do a cover of that specific song?

Thank you so much- I’m so glad you guys like it! I’ve honestly been following Julia Michaels for awhile because she’s one of my favorite songwriters, so when I saw she was coming out with new music, I was all about it. The second I heard “issues,” I knew it had to be the next song I covered! I love how unique the sound of that song is, so it was actually fun to play with it in a cover and kind of make it our own!

You’re an up and coming artist from Nashville, are you loving living in ‘music city’?

I really really do love living in “music city”. It’s especially interesting as a pop artist. Although I keep a foot in LA and travel there often, Nashville is just such a unique music community that is really unlike anywhere else. The pop scene here is also in an evolutionary time, as a lot of new pop artists are moving here, a lot of new pop producers are moving here, and labels are starting to move some of their pop divisions here. I’m meeting more and more people who are moving here rather than LA or NY, and it’s really cool to be on the forefront of this evolution in this town. I love it and am very fortunate to be a part of the pop community in Nashville!

Your voice has a perfect sound to cover, what seems like, a wide variety of genres…what is your favorite type of music to sing? What is your favorite to listen to?

Honestly, I really am a pop artist and pop lover through and through. I love covering pop songs and singing pop music, and I love listening to pop music. I do however have a guilty pleasure of listening to punk rock music, but like the people and bands that I listened to in high school. If you were to check out my high school iPod (which I keep handy in my car for whenever I need to just rock out) you would find so much music from so many bands that I know no one would ever guess that I listened to, but I LOVE it. Also, you can’t live in Nashville and not at least like country music, so I do occasionally change the radio to one of Nashville’s many country stations. Plus, I go to quite a few country shows in town – mainly to support my talented friends, though!

“I was all over you, now I’m just over you” is a graphic on your Facebook page, why is that one of your stand-out lyrics?

I think these lyrics are just a good representation of the song idea as a whole. The song starts out talking about how someone is totally blowing you off and giving you the run-around, so you realize you deserve more than that. The rest of the song is your last words to that person. This line pretty much bridges the gap between how I once felt and how I feel about that person now, so I think it’s a super important transition line that covers a lot of emotions. So, that’s why it’s one of my favorites!

What three things do you absolutely have to take with you as you travel?

Ohhh, I’m still kind of an avid over packer because I like to be prepared, and random things or events always get thrown at me when I travel. However, 3 things that I definitely have to take with me every single time are: My laptop – because I’m constantly working on things, my little, portable steamer – I use that thing on my clothes religiously when I travel, and my silver, high top Vans – they’re my favorite shoes in the world, so I pretty much take them with me everywhere I travel.

You just put out a music video, what was the most fun part of making the video for ‘Eulogy’?

Honestly, every part of making the video was so fun! From picking out what I was going to wear to having such an awesome makeup artist who made the “getting ready” process so fun! The studio we shot in was amazing, and all of the bright, colored lights were really cool! I also always love working with FOCO Creative because they’re so energetic! If I had to pick my absolute favorite part, though, it was probably dancing around to random music with Christina from FOCO Creative during shooting breaks or while Ford was trying to adjust the camera or change things up completely. We had a blast, and between the video shoot and our dance breaks, I was pretty much dancing around for like 4 hours.

Tell us about a musical inspiration from your past. Who inspires you currently?

I’ve had so many people in music who have inspired me over the years. One that I remember actually hitting very close to home for me is Kelly Clarkson. Not only have I always loved the style of music that she put out, but she had been through so many hardships in life before she “made it”, and she still kept going. She kept pursuing her passion and her dream, and that hit so close to home for me – especially since she’s from a town right next to where I grew up. She inspired me to believe that as long as you just keep moving forward, nothing can stop you. That’s something that I still believe and hold onto today. Currently, I’d have to say Selena Gomez inspires me. I love how she’s so open and real about her struggles. She doesn’t try to hide from people – she uses her hardships to try to inspire other people to better themselves. I also love how genuine and down to earth she seems! I totally just realized that I chose two Texas girls – didn’t mean to do that, haha!

What are three things you’d like to tell new fans about yourself?

I’m probably one of the most bubbly, outgoing people you’ll ever meet, so if you ever see me out and about, COME TALK TO ME :)

I love fashion and unique shoes are my favorite, so if you ever see me wearing something weird on my feet, it is what it is.

I love sports, so If you ever hear that I’m annoyed, it’s probably only because one of my favorite teams lost.

Have you done much performing yet? If so, what’s your favorite part of being on stage? If not, what are you most looking forward to?

I actually did a lot of performing back when I lived in Texas. Nashville is definitely still more of a heavily driven country town. So, as there aren’t as many full on regular show opportunities for pop artists here at the moment, I still try to do them as much as I can! My favorite part of being on stage is being able to connect with people – whether that be through the song itself, through the performance, or through speaking to the crowd. That always leads to people coming and talking to me after shows too, which I LOVE – meeting new people is my favorite!
Who would you love to write with in the future?

I would love to write with Max Martin! He is such a prestigious writer and producer and has had his hands in so many different kinds of songs. So, I feel like working with him would be such an awesome experience! I would also love to write with Julia Michaels and Justin Tranter. I know they’re a really awesome songwriting team, and they’ve written some really cool songs. Plus, I feel like they have a really awesome dynamic that would be really cool to be a part of for a session.
Who would you love to have on a track with you?

I would love to collaborate with the Chainsmokers! I’m really loving all of the duets that they’ve been putting out lately, and their style and way of doing things is really fresh and unique! Plus, they just seem really driven and grounded, and I think they’d be really fun to work with!

Where can we go to find out more about you on social media?

I’m on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter! You can also go to my website


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Written by Ashley

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