CelebMix Exclusive Interview: Adam Fraser

Along with being a social media influencer, Adam Fraser also represents various product and brand companies. He has continued to grow in popularity over the years and has also gathered a loyal and dedicated legion of followers, which is ever increasing.

Here at CelebMix, we had the opportunity to exclusively speak with Adam Fraser about his role primarily as a social media influencer, his social media inspirations and his supporters. Keep reading to check out our exclusive interview!

As a social media influencer, what would a normal day in your life consist of?

‘A normal day for me would be: making sure all my socials are up to a standard that I like them to be, then have a few meetings, try and film a video and normally travelling.’ 

What is your favourite thing about your job?

‘My favourite thing about what I do is meeting my supporters. They are always so happy when they meet me – it’s the best feeling ever.’ 

Social media does have its downsides, such as cyber-bullying. How do you deal with the negative aspect of social media?

‘I just make sure everything I do is in a positive way. I dislike negativity on my socials. But obviously if anyone is getting bullied online, I make sure they know I’m here for them to talk to.’ 

Other than the cyber-bullying, do you feel there are any downsides to your position?

‘There’s a lot of negativity thrown at the position that I am in. A lot of people don’t understand what I do, but all that matters is the people that care understand. 

Do you have a preference of social media to use? Do you find one method easier than others to communicate with your supporters?

‘I think both Instagram and Twitter are really good for different things. Instagram is more about me posting pictures to my liking and Twitter is more me communicating with fans. I like them both.’

Your role inevitably comes with a lot of pressure. How do you cope with this?

‘I just make sure it doesn’t all build up on me. If it becomes too much pressure, I will just have a few days off and then carry on.’ 

What has been a stand-out moment in your career for you so far?

‘The stand-out moment so far will have to be when I went to Fusion Festival and got mobbed. This was the first real time I realised how much of an effect I have on people.’ 


Is there anything in particular you would like to achieve during your career?

‘I would like to build my YouTube up to how it used to be and just keep growing the fan-base; maybe travel to LA, as I’ve always wanted to go there.’ 

Who are your social media inspirations?

‘My inspirations in social media are Pointless Blog (Alfie Deyes) – just generally because he was the first guy that I watched on YouTube and I’ve loved seeing him grow in to what he is now. Also Fousey, I just respect how much he believes in himself – it’s truly inspiring.’

Finally, do you have a message for your supporters?

‘I just want to say how much I appreciate the support and it genuinely means the world to me, so thank you for everything you’ve done.’ 


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Written by Rachel Dempster