CelebMix Exclusive Interview: Adam Jay

Here at CelebMix, we love introducing our readers to singers and song-writers that they need to check out. Back in May, we introduced you to Adam Jay from Liverpool. He recently released tracks ‘Jet Black’ and ‘Mess Without You’. Along with his backing band, made up of Liam Brady (bass) and Ieuan Kearney (drums), he has supported several artists on their tours around the UK.

We had the opportunity to speak to Adam Jay about what his music means to him, his musical influences, his plans for the coming months, and more. Keep reading to check out our exclusive interview!

You have recently released your original tracks ‘Jet Black’ and ‘Mess Without You.’ How did it feel to release your own original music?

“Initially, I was scared. It’s always worrying releasing songs, as they are very honest and open about you and release personal information at times with their context and ensuring they are interpreted right. ‘Jet Black’ and ‘Mess Without You’ both are very personal songs lyrically. However, there is an essence of pride in it as they are your creation and songs that you have worked on for a long time. Having people listen to and enjoy my music has a positive effect on me.”

What do each of the tracks represent to you?

“‘Jet Black, without going too much into it lyrically, is a big emotional song about a rather hard experience I had previously. This song represents my struggle through that and a significant person who I depended on to help me through. However, ‘Mess Without You’ is a softer, classic love song. Lyrically, I feel the track is one of my best pieces of work. This is your classic ballad – girl dumps boy and boy wants girl back.” 

What was the inspiration behind each track respectively?

“There’s sometimes special people in your life that when you hear certain songs, they make you think of that person. You have ideas to create tracks of your own and lyrically, it all flows from there. The song ‘Jet Black’ came from one lyric from a band I was listening to a couple of years ago, who used the metaphor ‘Jet Black Mirror,’ whereas in ‘Mess Without You,’ the inspiration came from something more private and special.”

You recently had your single launch and supported various artists on their tours. Do you enjoy the feeling of performing live?

“Live performance is everything. If you can’t perform, you can’t call yourself an artist. Playing live is one of the best feelings. To be honest, it’s completely indescribable. The high and buzz that you get off people enjoying your music is like nothing else.”

Who are your musical influences?

“My main three would be Catfish And The Bottlemen, The Kaiser Chiefs and The Killers.” 

Is there anything in particular that you would like to achieve music-related?

“I have always said my dream would be to do my own headline tour. After that, my long-term dream would be to play Liverpool Echo Arena.” 

What words would you use to sum up your music sound?

“I find that a hard question. ‘Indie or alternative rock’ is probably your best bet. However, when song-writing, me and the lads try to branch out and put different genres in there from time to time.”

What else can be expected from you in the coming months?

“We’re playing the same game over and over. You’ll see me play a lot of shows across the country. However, I couldn’t leave without mentioning headline shows and larger plans are in place for the next year.” 

Finally, do you have a message for your supporters?

“Thank you all so much. Your constant support and growing support is such a pleasure and I love every single one of you. There is big things to come and I can’t wait to see you on my journey with me.” 

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Written by Rachel Dempster