DISCOVER: Adam Jay Releases Two-Track Single “Jet Black” With “Mess Without You”

This week has been filled with a tonne of new music, just check out our New Music Round Up, but what’s surprising is that we’re still finding out about new amazing releases from this week that we just have to share with our readers. Here’s Adam Jay who released a double-track single; it contains title track “Jet Black”, and secondary song “Mess Without You”. This acts as his official debut single.

We introduced you to Adam Jay at the start of May, as we became excited about his debut track. He’s from Liverpool, UK, and has been working on his music career for some time now and cites the Kaiser Chiefs, The Killers, and Catfish And The Bottlemen as inspirations.

Upon the release date of the single, he also hosted his launch party concert at The Zanzibar Club in Liverpool, which became a sold-out date.

“Jet Black” and “Mess Without You” definitely has the indie-rock-alternative vibe about them, making it unsurprising that he listed the bands above as musicians he looks up to. Adam Jay sure has the passion and determinability to make this into his career, and these two songs sure are a step in the right direction for him.

Listen To Adam Jay’s Two New Tracks “Jet Black” And “Mess Without You” Here:

The first track, and title track, “Jet Black” has the more indie-rock sound, with the guitar coming in first followed by his voice. It’s an honest emotional song with Adam Jay matching it with his voice adding a dark raw quality to it. He switches it up with the second verse, quickening the pace of the song overall drawing in lost listeners and fully drawing attention where needed. It’s a great debut song and it is beyond catchy. We can easily imagine him performing the song live on stage, nailing it in every way. The ending hits us in the hearts as he really strips it back and opens his vocals, letting us know that this song means a lot to him.

“Mess Without You” follows well, it has a more alternative side to the indie-rock sound we’ve just heard, showing off his versatility within the genre. It’s a brilliant ballad of a song and it’s completely stripped back and sounds acoustic, making us love this song even more. His voice sounds even better on this track, sounding crisp and real. The song itself is relatable to many listeners and we connect well with it, to the extent where we actually like this song more than “Jet Black”, even though both are pretty incredible.

These two track shows exactly why Adam Jay deserves a career in the music industry. Both songs are available to download and stream right now as a two-track single. We can’t wait to see what the future brings this Liverpool-born singer-songwriter.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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