CelebMix Exclusive Interview: Sean & Conor Price Talk About Their New EP ‘What’s On My Mind,’ Their Plans For 2020 & More

Since their time on ‘The X Factor’ in 2017, Sean & Conor Price have gone from strength to strength in their music careers. From the constant stream of new music being released to their embarking on several headline tours to gaining Number One positions in their home country of Ireland, it’s evident that despite all their achievements thus far, they are only getting started!

The duo have recently released their new EP, titled ‘What’s On My Mind,’ featuring five original tracks, showcasing their abilities as respected musicians within the industry.

CelebMix had the opportunity to exclusively speak with Sean & Conor Price about their new EP, highlights of their career so far and much more!

You’ve just had the launch for your new EP, titled ‘What’s On My Mind.’ How was that event for you guys?

Sean: “It was so much fun! When we’ve release other music, we’ve just done a signing in a shop and we didn’t really have much control over it.”

Conor: “We really wanted to do something where we had control. We had the band here, we did a Question & Answer session and we did a performance.”

Sean: “It was a bit more intimate. It was really good fun!”

With regard to the recent release of ‘What’s On My Mind,’ what is your favourite track from the release?

Conor: “For me personally, I think ‘Granted,’ because the amount of effort we put into that song was ridiculous. We spent weeks and weeks and weeks on that song, trying to figure out how to make it right. We started off with just piano, then we put in way more stuff, then we took a load of stuff out and put new stuff in. It was so hard to find the right sound for that song. For that reason alone, the amount of labour that went into it, that makes it my favourite.”

Sean: “For me, it would have to be ‘Runaway,’ because it was so much fun! It came about really naturally. Our Producer started playing the chords and we wrote the song really quickly. We had so much fun with it.”

How long has the entire process taken to release the EP, right from the production stage?

Conor: “‘I Hate This’ is on the EP and we wrote that in Sweden over a year ago. We decided to throw it on there as well! But it’s been since January.”

Sean: “We’ve been writing so many songs.”

Conor: “There were so many songs that didn’t make the EP.”

Sean: “The songs that didn’t make it are the songs that we will release.”

Conor: “We wanted to keep them for after the EP’s release, just because they didn’t fit this EP. There’s a load of music!”

How do you make the decision as to what tracks go on the EP and what ones don’t?

Conor: “I think one reason was the time when we wrote them. We wrote a lot of them at the same time. They all had the same kind of feel, so I would say that influenced it a lot. It does take a while – about two months. Any song we’ve written in that period, they are for after this release.”

Sean: “‘Everybody Wants’ was a bit of a last-minute decision.”

Conor: “That was such a last-minute decision!”

Sean: “We were mixing the EP tracks and we had done the demo for ‘Everybody Wants’ and we just thought ‘let’s put it on the EP!’ I’m glad we did!”

When making the decision about what tracks to include on the EP, do your decisions ever clash about what should and shouldn’t be included?

Conor: “I suppose there is, because there’s some stuff that we have each individually written.”

Sean: “Nothing too serious!”

Conor: “We make decisions that are better for us in the long run. If one of us wrote a song that we wanted to be included, we both would take a step back and look at it and see if it would actually fit on the EP. If it didn’t, we wouldn’t include it whereas if it did, we would include it.”

Your first EP did exceptionally well. When it came to the release of this EP, was there an element of pressure involved with the release?

Conor: “I don’t think so, because it’s so different. It wasn’t pressure, but for me, it was more excitement. We still love everything that was on our first EP, but this EP has such a different sound and it’s something that we’re happier with.”

Your track ‘On My Mind’ was recently played on the Australian version of ‘Love Island.’ It must be pretty surreal hearing the track on the show.

Sean: “It’s mental!”

Conor: “It didn’t feel real.”

Sean: “Conor doesn’t watch ‘Love Island,’ but I do.”

Conor: “When I watch it, it just feels like a show and we’re playing it ourselves. It honestly doesn’t feel real.”

It also must be crazy hearing your own music on the radio too.

Conor: “It’s so weird!”

We have to mention ‘The X Factor,’ which is two years ago now. Does it feel like that long ago?

Sean: “It feels like a lifetime away! It was such a great experience. It’s led to all this great stuff, which is unbelievable.”

Looking back on the past two years, have there been any particular stand-out moments?

Sean: “There have been so many! It feels like it’s been longer than two years.”

Conor: “Headlining the Olympia Theatre (Dublin) was something on our bucket list that we always wanted to do. To have our fans there and to make it so special definitely makes it incredibly memorable.”

What does 2020 have in store for you both?

Conor: “We’ll be finishing 2019 with a headline show in The Academy (Dublin), which we’re really excited. We’ll be playing the INEC Club (Killarney) in April 2020. We’re planning loads more gigs for the year.”

Sean: “Hopefully we can get across to the UK as well.”

Conor: “Lots more music!”

Finally, do you have a message for your fans?

Sean: “We just want to say that we genuinely really appreciate the support. It means so much to us!”

Conor: “Also, the patience! We haven’t released a full collection of work in a while. Our fans have taken our EP and eaten it up, so thank you so much!”

Check out Sean & Conor’s message exclusively for CelebMix readers:

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Written by Rachel Dempster