CelebMix Exclusive Interview: Sean & Conor Price Talk About Their New Single ‘Magic,’ Touring and More

Since appearing on ‘The X Factor’ in 2017, whereby they made it to the Live Shows stage of the competition and were mentored by Simon Cowell, Sean & Conor Price have become popular names within the music industry.

Releasing a host of singles, including ‘Be Like You’ and ‘Storm’ and embarking on nationwide tours are just some of the many achievements this talented Irish duo have accomplished so far, with no doubt continued success inevitable for the future.

CelebMix had the opportunity to exclusively speak with Sean & Conor Price about the recent release of ‘Magic,’ their plans for the coming months and much more. Make sure you keep reading to check out our exclusive interview!

You have recently released your new single ‘Magic.’ How has it been for you to release new music and for it to have received such a great response?

Sean: “It’s been unbelievable. We’ve had a lot of time to learn our craft and what sound we wanted to follow. We’ve a lot of stuff ready for release this year and ‘Magic’ is along that vibe, so it’s been really great to get it out.”

Conor: “There’s so many songs on our phones that we just want to release so bad, but you have to take time and release them properly.”

Sean: “The response to ‘Magic’ has been unbelievable.”

Conor: “Also with ‘Storm.'”

Sean: ‘It’s going good!”

You also unveiled the music video for ‘Magic,’ which was filmed in America. How did the idea come about for the concept of the music video?

Conor: “We were over in New York for a few meetings and we were like: ‘let’s shoot the most low budget music video in the world!’ We used our phone and bought a camera and we were just like: ‘let’s do it!'”

Sean: “Some people were asking us while we were in America, if we would do a travel vlog. We’re not that comfortable talking to the camera, but we did want to do a video that showed off our personalities, so we just had a bit of fun and danced around in New York.”

Conor: “It was good fun to make.”

CelebMix last spoke with you guys back in October, just before the release of your mini album ‘Dreamer.’ What have you been up to since then?

Sean: “We’ve been gigging away. ‘Dreamer’ went into the Irish Official Charts, which was unbelievable for us. We performed at The Helix in Dublin over Christmas and now we’re on our second headline tour. We’re doing The Olympia in Dublin in the summer. We’ve been recording, writing and gigging.”

Conor: “We’ve been in the studio a lot, working on some new music.”

When it comes to releasing new music, do you feel anxious or is it more a feeling of excitement at being able to release new material?

Conor: “There’s always a nervous feeling before you release something, because you hope people will take to it. We’ve been luck every time – we have such a supportive fanbase, who love everything we release. It’s been amazing!”

You’ve had a whirlwind journey over the last couple of years – going from busking on the streets of Dublin to ‘The X Factor’ to your own headline tours. Is there something in particular that you’ll always remember, a stand-out memory?

Sean: “I think gigging and people singing songs that we’ve written back to us.”

Conor: “It’s the most mind-blowing thing to think that you’re writing something in a room and then maybe a month later, hundreds or thousands of people are singing it back to you. It’s crazy!”

Speaking of touring, you’ve mentioned that you are currently on your second headline tour. Are you enjoyed being back out on stage and performing?

Sean & Conor (Joint): “Yes!”

Sean: “It’s class.”

Conor: “It’s our favourite thing to do.”

Sean: “Our first headline tour was just the two of us on stage doing an acoustic set, whereas this time around, we’ve got a full band on stage, so there’s five of us.”

Conor: “A bigger show.”

Sean: “It’s so much fun – it’s unbelievable.”

Conor: “It’s unreal. Well, hopefully it’s unreal! We think it’s unreal, hopefully everyone else thinks it’s unreal.”

For anyone who hasn’t been to any of the tour dates yet, is there new unreleased songs included in your set?

Conor: “Yes. There’s one or two unreleased songs. You have to come to the show if you want to hear them!”

Before stepping out on stage, do you guys feel nervous or do you get an adrenaline rush?

Conor: “I feel like it’s just fun now. It used to be more nerves, but you never want to have crippling nerves – they’re not fun. The nerves that make you enjoy the show are the things we get now, as we’ve done a lot of shows and they’re just amazing to have, because they really do make it fun.”

With regards to your fans, you have a very dedicated legion of supporters. How is it to know that you have the support of so many worldwide?

Sean: “It’s unbelievable. They are the reason that we get to do this, so for that we are so grateful and we just want to put out the best content and release so much music for them.”

What’s next in the coming months for you both?

Conor: “Hopefully we’ll have an EP released by mid-summer/end of the summer – around that time.”

Looking ahead, is there anything you would particularly like to achieve?

Sean: “I think for us, we want to be playing arenas ourselves, whether it’s in a year’s time or five years’ time. We got to do the arena tour with ‘The X Factor.'”

Conor: “You get to taste what you could possibly have eventually.”

Sean: “That’s our main goal in the future – to hit the arenas ourselves.”

Finally, do you have a message for your fans?

Conor: “Stay cool. You are absolute legends. We love you. Thank you for all your support.”

For a full list of tour dates and to buy tickets to any of Sean & Conor’s upcoming live shows, click here.

If you haven’t already, you can purchase ‘Magic’ from iTunes by clicking here. The track can be streamed on Spotify through the link below and is also available to purchase and stream through other responsible music purchasing and streaming outlets.

CelebMix would like to say thank you to Sean & Conor Price for taking the time to speak with us!

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Written by Rachel Dempster