CelebMix Exclusive Music Interview: Knox Hamilton

Indie rock band Knox Hamilton are gearing up for their debut headlining tour which kicks off in Nashville, Tennessee on July 13. What are they doing to prep until the big tour? Well, you have to keep reading to find out. We had the chance to chat with drummer, Cobo Copeland, who basically proved to us that we need these type of guys in our lives. Their promo video alone for the tour should be enough to sell you on copping your own tickets for a show near you. And if you don’t have tickets yet… Well, there’s a special message for you at the end. Best of luck to Cobo, Boots Copeland, and Drew Buffington!

CelebMix: You’re about to head out on your first ever headlining tour, how does you feel at this exact moment?
Cobo Copeland: Equal parts terrified and excited. It’s long been a dream of ours so we’re itching to get out there and have fun.

CM: What is Knox Hamilton doing to get ready before heading out on the road?
Copeland: We are currently getting tattoos of our mom’s faces.

CM: You’ve guys been on tour before supporting other acts. Why or how did you guys find out this is the right time for you guys to do a headlining tour?
Copeland: I think it was just the natural evolution of our band. At some point you just have to go out there and prove yourself.

CM: When you are on the road, what are some of your essentials to pack? Also, how do you like to pass time while traveling?
Copeland: Lint roller. We generally talk the whole way. We still like each other which is shocking.

CM: Other than you guys finally being the main event of the night, how will this tour be different from all other tours? How will you go and try it make it special this time around?
Copeland: We’re really going to try and let our personalities shine through on this tour. As an opening act, you don’t get to engage much but this tour will be different and we hope people will leave having very much enjoyed themselves.

CM: Very curious. I’ve personally never been to Little Rock, so what is the music scene like out there? Can you sort of paint a picture for us and describe what it’s like?
Copeland: There’s a growing indie scene but it’s in the infancy stage. Country and rap are strong here so that’s cool.

CM: Also – congrats on your release of “Video Sunshine”! We know this song will be part of your upcoming EP and we’re excited! How has it been for you guys to put this upcoming EP together?
Copeland: Thank you! We love that song. This is probably the most fun we’ve ever had recording music. A lot of that has to do with our producer/friend, Matt Huber, and a lot has to do with us just loving where we’re headed as a group.

CM: The Heights dropped last year and since you’re blessing your fans with even more new music, what will this new EP consist of? Songs that didn’t make the cut? A different direction?
Copeland: It’s a bit of a different direction in some ways but we just write what we feel. It’s not intentional. These are all new songs. Except for Beach Boy.

CM: Lastly, for those waiting to buy their tickets to a show, what would you like to say to those fans who hesitated to purchase tickets?
Copeland: You’re dead meat.

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Written by Ashley Bulayo

I reference anything and everything to Lizzie McGuire. Follow me on Twitter + Instagram: @ashleeeybash. I respond 99.9% of the time.