CELEBMIX EXCLUSIVE: Premiering Wendy Escobar’s Remix of ‘No Presh’

We're bringing you the exclusive premiere of Wendy Escobar's latest remix, DENHAM's 'No Presh'

NYC DJ and Producer Wendy Escobar is ready to release her forthcoming remix of ‘No Presh’ by DENHAM and we have the exclusive premiere of it right here on CelebMix ahead of its release!

Wendy Escobar is a DJ and Music Producer based in New York City. She also performs regularly in NYC, which has helped her in gaining a loyal following which is constantly building. Escobar can be described as, ‘The Sound of New York’s Underground, From the City that Never Sleeps.’ Her musical influences include, ‘Deep Classic Soulful House & Industrial Techno.’

Whilst producing both Digital and Vinyl formats, the NYC based DJ plays a variety of genres including house, techno, nu-disco, & deep house along with a healthy dose of dance classics. The artistry from Escobar is captivating to her audience with stage presence and versatility which makes her a hit on every dance floor.

Check out Wendy Escobar’s collection, ‘Deep & Soulful House’ on Spotify below:

A recent graduate of the Point Blank Music School, her fans have since seen her play numerous music hotspots and festivals from London to Ibiza, including Movement Detroit and Burning Man music festivals.

She already has 4 million listeners worldwide both on FM and online radio. When she’s not rocking dance floors, Escobar is working on her music catalogue as a producer, songwriter and vocalist, working alongside New York’s legendary DJ Jonathan Peters & former club giant Steve Lewis. The NYC based DJ also hosts a weekly podcast called, ‘Mood Swing with Wendy Escobar’. 

You can check out the weekly podcast, ‘Mood Swing with Wendy Escobar’ below:

Wendy Escobar Presents: Mood Swing – This Is Distorted

We hope you enjoy the remix of ‘No Presh’, we sure do! We can’t wait to see where it will take Escobar next and we look forward to a musical future from the NYC Producer and DJ.

Listen to Wendy Escobar’s latest remix, ‘No Presh’ exclusively below:

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