CelebMix Exclusive: Interview with Singer/Songwriter Aleem

Chicago-born singer/songwriter Aleem has been writing music since before he was 12. Not only was Aleem writing songs, he was showing off an indescribable talent far beyond his years. As Aleem grew, his talent did also. He’s got his Open Letters EP out now and he toured with Fifth Harmony last year, all in all, Aleem is living a pretty great life.

Not only is he immensely talented, he’s still very humble and down to earth. We got to chat with Aleem about the incredible support his received with the release of his debut single ‘Inside Out’, as well as who he’d love to work with in the future and where he draws some of his inspiration.

Did we mention that he’s got an awesome video for ‘Inside Out’ as well? If you’ve yet to see it, check it out now.

‘Inside Out’ is still a song we have on all of our playlists. Do you still see a lot of fans finding you from that tune?
Yes! The support for “Inside Out” has been amazing! It’s been the hit off of the EP so far and it’s been fun to watch the song build an audience.

What was it like being on tour with Fifth Harmony? What was your most memorable stop on that tour?
It was an absolutely incredible experience. To play in sold out arenas all over Europe to the some of the most passionate fans, and to share the stage with such talented individuals was truly an honor.

If you could collaborate with anyone at all, who would it be?
Bruno Mars is my guy!

What about on tour, who would you love to play shows with?
Bruno or John Mayer!

What are three things you have to take with you when you’re traveling?
-My Headphones
-Favorite pair of sweats and tee
-My writing journal

Who is one person you draw musical inspiration from?
My biggest musical inspirations are Bruno Mars, John Mayer, and The Script.

What is your current guilty pleasure song?
“Brokenhearted” Karmin

If you could headline your own tour tomorrow, what cities/countries would be on your ‘must visit’ list?
I would love to play at Madison Square Garden in NYC and I’ve always wanted to venture out to Australia!

What song was your favorite to write? What song was the hardest?
“Inside Out” was the hardest song to write, yet was so rewarding in the end. It took some time before the right lyrics and melodies began to click. My favorite song to write was “We’ll Get This Right.” It was written at 2 AM where the song flowed so naturally it literally wrote itself.

Do you have any music you’re working on right now?
Yes! I can’t wait to be sharing new music very soon!

Where can we go to find out more about you?
Follow me on all socials @aleemmusic and also visit my website for more info! www.aleemmusic.com

Have you heard Open Letters yet? Listen to the EP now and tell us what your favorite songs are. Aleem is definitely making his name in music, so you’ll want to keep up with where he goes next.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.