CELEBMIX EXCLUSIVE: Thom Artway “All I Know” Music Video Premiere

Here at CelebMix, we love being able to give you exclusive access to new music videos and today, we are delighted to bring you the exclusive premiere of Thom Artway’s music video for “All I Know”.

“All I Know” is the first international single from Czech singer-songwriter Thom Artway. The single was mastered by award-winning engineer John Davis at Metropolis Studios in London and is set for release by Warner Music on 1 June 2018.

“Faith in love and true friendship rescued me and can thus be heard in each refrain, All Around Is Love” is how Thom explains the meaning behind the song. “All I Know” is a melodic yet catchy folk-pop song with a chorus that will have you singing along in no time (we know we are!).

The video for “All I Know” features Thom and rhythm gymnastic champion Anna Šebková. It was filmed in Prague and follows a fictional gymnastic championship before an imaginary scene takes over and the streets of London replace the gym.

You can watch the exclusive music video for “All I Know” below:

Thom grew up busking on the streets of Prague before getting his big break. He has been making waves in the music industry since his song “Towards The Sun” featured on the Czech film Krídla vánoc’s soundtrack and he is now one of the most respected young artists in his home country. He released his debut EP Still Standing in the Unknown in 2013 before travelling to Australia for five months to refine his skills.

Thom’s debut single “I Have No Inspiration” was incredibly successful in the Czech Republic, soaring in the charts for almost two years after its release. This led to Thom winning various acclaimed Czech awards.

You can watch the music video for “I Have No Inspiration” below:

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