CelebMix Interview | 5 West and Benny Benassi join forces to find love and happiness in “Anything Can Happen”

5West first started out as a 5 piece and with the auditions for the band being held in Los Angeles, it made sence for the five members to collectively name themselves 5West – it seemed perfect. The number 5 works so well as, even though there are only 4 of them now, they consider their fans to be the 5th member of their family.

“We’re really happy with this track, it is definitely our biggest song to date, and we’re just so excited to get to share it with everyone,” the band express to CelebMix. “The feedback so far has been fantastic.”

5West’s ‘Anything Can Happen’ is about finding love and being in a relationship that is completely comfortable and open, and this represents how love should be. The band feel really passionate about that message and really hopes it comes through.

Our creative process always starts with working closely with our long-time producer Bryan Todd and his team.

5West on the creation of their newest single

“We all get the chance to contribute our own ideas, and the end result is an awesome collaborative effort that we’re so happy with,” the group continue.

“That’s an interesting question, the single feels quite different to our previous releases, so we’re really curious to hear the response,” the band reflect, “The creative process was similar though in working with Bryan Todd and our team to craft something we all feel is amazing.”

However, this time around, the song takes into account the addition of Benny Benassi on the remix, who was able to take the release to the next level and the band are so excited upon the release.

5West is a group that takes their music and life experiences and puts those into creating their material. “All of our tracks reflect our real-life experience, and we hope this connects with the listener,” the group adds. “The message of this song – about being able to be comfortable and open in a relationship – is particularly important to us.”

Benny came on board to deliver this mix and when we heard it, we were like ‘wow!’ He is so brilliant at what he does.

5West on working with Benny Benassi

“It put a brand new spin on the song and the 5WEST sound that we haven’t really done before and didn’t even think about,” the group continues. “To us, the song feels like we’re at a club! (Not even sure what that feels like anymore though since we’ve all been locked up for so long, haha!)”

This song is a really positive track, and 5West hope that listeners take away that they should never give up on finding love. That there’s someone out there for everybody, and they should never give up fighting for it.

5West are really busy at the moment working on future releases and other projects. At this point they got to keep details under wraps (which is understandable), but believe me, it’s gonna be big and they can’t wait to share the news with CelebMix soon!

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