CelebMix Interview: Kito talks her newest single, “Recap”, recording in Bob Dylan’s bus, and more

“Kito is a balanced, creative, happy person (hopefully [laughs]),” Kito tells CelebMix at the top of our chat about her newest single, “Recap“.

Kito is also an Australian artist living in Los Angeles. In fact, since moving to Los Angeles, Kito has made a name for herself and the utmost respect of her peers. With releases like “Recap”, “Follow“, and “Bitter” coming out of her head in recent times – moving her to the forefront of the pop & electronic genres, respectively.

“I’ve been good,” Kito continues. “Taking time for myself recently and doing a bit of ~self care~ I’ve been listening to my body more and relaxing, taking naps.” Other than that, though, Kito has really been enjoying making music, organising that music and working on potential collaboration ideas!

Kito was a bit nervous when it came time to release her newest single, but she is also ready for the world to hear it – which you can now.

I’m really happy with this record and the collaboration so I’m excited I get to share it with everyone!


“Songs kind of take a life of their own though, and it doesn’t always feel you decide how they’ll end up,” Kito says on her mentality to music. “That’s the fun part of producing – all the exploring along the way.”

With this song, though, Kito and her team were at an Astralwerk writing camp at Shangri-La and she got the chance to work in all the iconic studios there.

“The church was amazing, so was Rick’s main studio but the airstream was definitely my favorite,” Kito expresses. “I get along so well with Van Jess and Noah Breakfast (who played the guitar on [her the single] Recap) so it was a great vibe to begin with.”

Kito wrote this new song with the aforementioned VanJess and Noah Breakfast, and then worked on the production during the first part of lockdown: “I had actually played the song to Channel [Tres] a few times in my studio (pre pandemic) and knew he loved it, and when the production started to form I realized how great he would sound on it,” Kito reveals on the initial creative process of her single. “He recorded his verse from home and sent it to me. I couldn’t have asked for a better turn out!”

After moving to Los Angeles, Kito’s skills as a producer developed as she started to work with other artists. Being in sessions with crazy talented people really inspired and pushed her to create something she was really proud of – which is evident with the production quality and aesthetics of Kito’s new single.

It was such a fun song to make, so I hope some of that good feeling comes through when you listen to it!


Kito has a few things coming up in 2021, and would love to share, but, however, she was unable to at the time of this interview.

Although, what you can expect from Kito is that she is spending more time outdoors with her friends when it’s safe again! And most importantly, continues to work on music and collaborate with amazing artists.

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