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CelebMix Interview: We virtual date MEIA upon the release of her newest single “Date Myself”

This year, MEIA is naked. Her fans are going to see her heart with no filter through her new music. They will see a more “savage” version of MEIA. MEIA is confident, feeling herself and ready to take on whatever comes her way in 2021.

“My parents almost named me Meia when I was born, so that is how I thought of using it for my artist project,” MEIA reveals to CelebMix on her namesake. “My real name being Marissa [smiles].”

The climate right now has definitely caused MEIA and many others in the music industry to evolve. All of her studio sessions are now via Zoom instead of in person, but this has created the opportunity for MEIA to work with songwriters and musicians around the globe. “I also miss performing so much,” she says. “And hope to tour soon.” But she is grateful that she has written so many songs for the day she can perform again and grown tremendously as a songwriter.

MEIA’s newest single “Date Myself” is about loving yourself before anyone else, mentally and physically. It’s a sexy, fun and flirty song that calls for women to embrace themselves.

Date Myself’s creative process was MEIA’s favourite of all the new songs coming out. It was her close, talented friends and MEIA in a studio until 5 am drinking wine and doing what they love. The song says everything she wanted it to and has the fun energy they all felt that night.

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“I always write from real life experience,” MEIA tells CelebMix in our chat. “I am an open book.” In fact, “Dating Myself”, or loving herself, is something that has personally made MEIA feel free, empowered and sexy. She is the type of person that wants to share the love so others can feel it too.

I want listeners to feel independent and like they don’t need anybody but themselves! I want them to feel like their most confident self and that no one can make or break them.

MEIA on the release of her new single, “Date Myself”

MEIA is currently working on her next single and is hoping to release a bigger project towards the end of the year! Touring, charting and releasing a project she is entirely in love with, is also on the menu for 2021. “I simply miss seeing everyone face to face + HUGS,” MEIA adds. “I also am so excited to meet everyone that has been reaching out to me online or become a fan since the pandemic!”

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