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CelebMix Interview | Queeva explores the importance of being yourself in her new single “Show Off”

Queeva is a country-pop singer/songwriter that lives in Chicago. Queeva is an Irish name that is actually spelled Caoimhe, but it is pronounced Q-u-e-e-v-a. Queeva and her team decided to change the spelling so that people would actually be able to pronounce her name and find her online.

I’ve been doing pretty well in 2021. I have been working on new music. I love being in the studio and just writing new music with new people.


Queeva is so excited to finally have her new single “Show Off” out on all streaming platforms for people to listen to. In fact, this was a song that she couldn’t wait to record from day 1.

“Show Off is definitely one of my favorite songs I have written so far, and I wrote that one with Trent Tomlinson and Brandon Darcy,” Queeva expresses to CelebMix. “I think that it’s important for people to remember that they don’t have to be someone that they aren’t just to impress another person.”

The song represents what Queeva wants to say as an artist because she truly believes it is important to just be yourself, and even she needs to be reminded of that sometimes – so what better way than through a song?

“Show Off” definitely still represents what Queeva wanted to say at the start of writing it, and it captured the message perfectly: “We started to write with the idea of someone who likes to “show off,” Queeva says, “and the song was created around that idea.”

“The creative process of actually writing the song took some time because every word matters,” Queeva continues. “I always think that even though songwriting can be time consuming, it is always worth it in the end.”

Going into the studio and being able to record the song to a great track was probably my favorite part.


“I love just hearing the song going from a simple vocal and guitar demo to a full-blown mastered track filled with instruments,” Queeva adds.

Just as she did audibly, Queeva loved filming the music video for “Show Off,” and the director, Preston, captured the message perfectly. The video starts off with Hunter and Queeva, both being dressed fancy and riding in a Corvette. As the video goes on, Hunter keeps trying to impress Queeva and that wasn’t what she wanted.

“I just wanted him to be himself, and towards the end of the video, things change. Gotta check out the vid to see what happens,” Queeva says on the music video.

“I think that because I am still young and have some more learning to do, I always base my songwriting around things that I relate to or things that I have experienced,” Queeva explains. “It’s always important for me to have a connection with my songs, because it means much more to me.”

Queeva just feels like guys and girls in today’s world can be pressured to be like everyone else, and she wants to remind people that being who you are is always best. Even Queeva feels that it can be hard to stay true to who she is, but it’s always better to be a leader than a follower.

I want listeners to remember that being yourself is always enough and you don’t need to impress someone to be noticed.


Queeva also says, “If someone fails to see your value, that’s their loss; don’t ever change for someone else!! I hope that you all love the song as much as I do!!”

In 2021, Queeva wants to continue to grow as a songwriter and artist and work hard to achieve her goals. Stay tuned for more.

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