CelebMix Interview: UK producer Venetian talks new single ‘Feel Me’, creating music with his team, 2021 goals and aspirations

Venetian is something the UK producer pursued for a while, the forefront of what he loves doing most, and 2021 is definitely going to bring about some huge releases! The past year has been a tricky one – as Venetian imagined it has been for a lot of artists – because of what’s going on in the world.

“I guess we have to try and look at the positives though, not being able to perform simply meant more time writing my tracks,” Venetian expresses to CelebMix. “There’s so much I’ve got planned for this year and having the time to work on it all has been the silver lining.”

I’m sure when this is all over and everyones safe, we’ll all be hitting those festivals hard again.

Venetian on his hopes for 2021

“There was a competition running on Spinnin Records’ (hosted by Breathe Carolina),” Venetian tells CelebMix at the top of our chat about his newest single. “Now normally I never enter these things but a little push from a few people and I decided to go for it.”

‘Feel Me’ was created over 2 weeks and a – pretty rough – demo was submitted for the competition.

“I completely underestimated how much support the track would receive, from friends and fans alike. It ended up finishing 2nd on the competitions chart,” Venetian continues.  “This gave me the push to release the track officially, so I sat down and worked on it over and over again, sending demo after demo to trusted people in my team, until everyone agreed on the finished song.”

Venetian and his team then got in touch with LG Vision to shoot the music video above. The guy and his crew were on point and helped massively with making the ideas Venetian had come to life.

The song itself was about living in that summer freedom and sharing it with someone else. Life’s made up of memories and Venetian wanted his track to represent that instant connection you get with someone. Imagine it, you’re chilling at the beach bar, it’s sweat weather, some guys’ rolling around on a longboard and boom, there is the person and you feel that instant connection.

Venetian’s creative process is basically just pure frustration blended with creative luck: “I never know how a songs going to turn out, or what direction it’ll go in,” Venetian reveals. “A lot of the time my finished track is so different from the original demo that I confuse it for 2 separate songs!”

A lot of things inspire me though, it could be something I’ve experienced or seen others experienced, and I’ve always been fond of writing stories to go with songs and then basing the lyrics on that.

Venetian on his creative process

Venetian continues, “The most important thing I want my music to do is be a part of someone’s memory. We all have those songs that trigger a good vibe and that’s what I wanted this track to do.”

The music Venetian writes is how he express his thoughts and emotions without ever physically saying it. It could be made up of a whole year of experiences, all put into a 3 minute song. Everyone has their own way of expression, some paint, others write books, Venetian makes songs. “I think visiting places like Ibiza (back when we could) played a part in this track though,” Venetian adds. “I seriously cannot resist club vibes….and beach parties, and you just have to love the feeling of being on a boat in that summer breeze.”

It’s those feelings that Venetian wanted to capture in this track’s music, with the lyrics getting their inspiration from having experienced that instant moment before in my life.

“If you ever feel that moment, just go for it,” Venetian states on what he wants listeners to take away from his song. “It’s not like we experience it all the time and you want to get as much as you can out of this one life.” If you’ve had that experience and you did go for it, Venetian essentially hope this song hypes you up and gives you that nostalgia of being wherever you were when it happened. 

Venetian has already smashed his way into 2021, he is also already in talks with his team about what he wants to release this year, there’s a few tracks Venetian is in love with that will be out soon, starting with this summer. Then towards the end of the year there’s something huge coming. 

“I want Venetian to be at the top of everyone’s playlists,” Venetian continues on his 2021 prospects. “I’ve always put the message forward that the fans are a part of this and that this is more than just me releasing a track, it’s about everyone experiencing how it feels together, so I’m hoping when things settle down I can look at getting some shows in.”

For now? Venetian will just keep working on the next release until it’s ready. Keep an eye on his socials (below) if you want to be the first to catch the release date.

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