CelebMix Premiere: BÉE explores finding ‘Mr Right’ in her newest single

BÉE (pronounced BAE) is a 20-year-old Dutch singer/songwriter and so far she has released four singles to date. “I’m super excited to share my brand-new R&B pop song ‘Mr Right’ today,” BÉE expresses to CelebMix in our chat about her newest single “Mr Right”.

“Mr Right” is a song about meeting your soul mate and asking the question ‘when is it going to happen for me?’. BÉE is at the start of her music career and buzzed out about where she could potentially take it.

Because of the unexpected arrival of Covid-19 in 2020, BÉE has seriously missed hanging out with her friends in the way that they would normally, but she likes to think that she has been pretty productive writing and recording new music, improving her cooking skills and keeping her spirits up by listening to a wide range of pop music, from Michael Jackson to Justin Bieber, just to name a few.

“Despite everything that 2020 has thrown at us, I like to keep a positive outlook and will be closing out 2020 on a high by releasing a little Christmas single, so watch this space [smiles].”

“I’m doing fine, thank you so much for asking,” BÉE expresses. “I feel the weight of the global pandemic and how it is affecting people all over the world, particularly the vulnerable who are unable to see family and friends.” From a personal perspective though, BÉE is just trying to find her way in a changed world, just like everyone else. In fact, BÉE is not the kind of person to sit in a corner feeling sorry for herself, so she has been trying to make the best out of the situation. “I enjoy spending time with my family and find great comfort in making new music, as always,” she continues.

If you know that feeling of not having met your ‘Mr Perfect’ yet, and it feels like your friends are always talking about being happily in love, then I’m pretty sure that you’ll like my newest single ‘Mr Right’.

BÉE on the release of her new single.

BÉE didn’t write this song because she is not happy being single, because she actually is happy, however, she loves the idea of possibly bumping into her ‘Mr Right’ and immediately recognising him. BÉE certainly hopes that he will recognise her too.

“I actually wrote this song almost one year ago with Jake Gosling (in his studio), NUUXS and my dad Han Kooreneef,” BÉE reveals to CelebMix on the creative process of the single. “The four of us have written almost every song together that I have recorded.” The song started with a nice conversation about love and being in love and BÉE said, without even thinking about the name of a potential new song, that she hasn’t met her ‘Mr Right’ yet, per se.

From there, Jake, NUUXS and BÉE’s dad immediately knew that a song title for their new song was born. So they started writing and tadaaa… There was ‘Mr Right’… Well, at least the song title anyway…

BÉE assures CelebMix that every song she writes is based on a personal situation that she is in or has been in, and ‘Mr Right’ is no different. “In this song, I sing about my friend talking about their crushes and their love stories,” she continues. “Even though I’m super glad for my friends, that they’ve met this amazing boy or girl, I’d just love to meet the right person as well.”

“That said, I certainly believe in fate, so I’m pretty sure that the time has been picked for me already. That’s why I truly believe that I will meet him when the time’s right,” BÉE adds.

BÉE is super excited to be releasing her first Christmas Single after ‘Mr Right’ in December, which is no doubt the perfect time to release a Christmas song. “It has always been such a magical time of year for me and I hope that this song will sprinkle a bit of magic on everyone’s Christmas after a seriously tough year,” BÉE concludes in our chat.

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