CelebMix Premiere | Felicity Light releases her inner ‘Animal’ in her sophomore single

Following on from the release of her well-received debut single ‘Need You To Stay’, in November 2020, Australian pop artist Felicity Light has returned with more jam-packed feel-good pop melodies and brighter aesthetics than before.

Bringing together – what made her first outing enticing – layered dance-pop and defining vocals, with impeccable up-tempo sounds, Felicity’s ‘Animal’ is a masterclass in many forms: infectious chorus and natural charm.

Written entirely by Felicity herself, Felicity’s sophomore single, ‘Animal’ is used as a platform for the young, pop upstart to explore the thrill and exhilaration of promising love.

To have the courage to back the vision you have for your career, it’s important to stay true to and be unapologetic about the creative vision you have for your work.

Felicity Light

Stay tuned for more from Felicity Light soon, as the upstart, dance-pop upstart has a big 2021 planned, with more great pop anthems to come soon, and also a whole landscape of music yet to explore.

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