CelebMix Premiere: QUEEVA’s “Breaking My Heart” is a powerful inspirational journey about heartbreak

QUEEVA, the 19-year-old Chicago-based pop/country artist, has recently released her latest single, “Breaking My Heart,” and it is a hit! The song showcases QUEEVA’s ability to combine pop production with country elements seamlessly. The track has a catchy chorus that stays in your head long after the song ends, and QUEEVA’s vocals are spot-on throughout the song.

“Breaking My Heart” is a song that speaks to everyone who has ever experienced heartbreak, and QUEEVA delivers the message beautifully. In an exclusive interview with CelebMix as part of our premiere, QUEEVA revealed that the song is not just about relationships but also about friendships that you have felt heartbroken in. The lyrics paint a picture that allows the listener to visualize and fine-tune it in their way.

QUEEVA states that the creative process for “Breaking My Heart” was a lot of fun, writing it with Brandon Darcy and Ryan Garrett. She emphasizes that each song has a different creative process, and going with whatever you are feeling at that moment is how you write the best music. “Breaking My Heart” came together just like that, capturing exactly what QUEEVA wanted the song to be.

The music video, directed by Taylor Kelly, perfectly complements the song’s message, as the visual representation supports the lyrics of the song and progresses the story visually. The video was filmed in Nashville on a freezing cold day, but QUEEVA and her team still managed to make it a fun experience. QUEEVA describes it as her favourite music video so far.

QUEEVA’s passion for music is evident in her self-reflection, where she talks about growing and improving as an artist every day. She notes that she was in a different headspace when she recorded “Breaking My Heart” compared to now, and it’s crazy to see how much she has grown. QUEEVA’s passion for music is inspiring, and her desire to keep growing and improving is something that fans can look forward to in her future releases.

“Breaking My Heart” is an excellent addition to QUEEVA’s music catalog. Her unique blend of pop and country production, coupled with her powerful vocals, make the song an instant classic. The song’s message of heartbreak is relatable, and the visual representation in the music video perfectly captures the story. QUEEVA’s commitment to her craft and her fans is evident, and we cannot wait to see what she has in store for us in the future.