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CelebMix speaks to Rose & Rosie at HelloWorld

This weekend saw some of our favourite YouTubers take over Birmingham’s Genting Arena for the very first HelloWorld Live. Bringing their online content to the stage, the weekend was packed with gaming, baking demonstrations, signings, live music and so much more.

Among the many creators present were the beautiful Rose & Rosie. The married couple, best known for their comedic videos, are openly honest, funny, and relatable. They are also LGBT role models who inspire many.

It is these traits, in addition to a loyal and loving fanbase, which led to the duo picking up Best Vlogger at the recent BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards. During the event, they also got to interview and meet some of their favourite celebrities including Camila Cabello, which was a huge moment for Rose & Rosie and fans alike.

We had the opportunity to chat with Rose & Rosie during the first day of HelloWorld on Saturday. Read on to find out about their HelloWorld experience, meeting Camila Cabello and the most outrageous thing that’s happened to them on tour.

On getting stuck in at HelloWorld

Rosie: We’re doing loads today, we’re everywhere! People who are coming today and tomorrow will get to see us everywhere, we’re doing fireside chat, we’re in the cinema room presenting kinda like a section of our show, we’re on the main stage, we’ll be popping up around the world doing things!

Rose: We’re doing bakery stuff, challenges with Oli White, it’s a busy day!

Rosie: We’re not stopping basically.

Rose: I’m looking forward to the evening show the most.

Rosie: Are you?

Rose: Yeah, I am actually!

Rosie: I’m excited for it but I’m excited for everything first. It’s gonna be a good day!

On the Radio 1 Teen Awards

Rose: I’ve been dying to do this! We turned up, couldn’t eat anything because we were so nervous. 

Rosie : Yeah Rose couldn’t eat a thing.

Rose: It’s really weird though, I try and go into professional mode, so I’m like really excited and nervous but I’m going to be professional and the BBC were like, ‘oh don’t worry about that, we want to see you fangirl! We want to capture the moment you meet Camila!’ and I was like, ‘okay cool’ and it was just a dream come true. She is just a ray of light that girl, I love her, absolutely love her. She’s just such an uplifting performer. Her attitude is always so positive, an absolute inspiration.

Rosie: We also really enjoyed speaking to Dua Lipa. I’m a big fan so I really liked finally seeing her.

Rose: Rita Ora was really nice.

Rosie: Rita Ora was lovely. Everyone we met was lovely! Liam Payne was lovely, we had a great conversations.

Rose: But it was a long time coming for us and Camila. 

Rosie: Yes it was but it was great!

On what’s best – winning the Best Vlogger award or Camila choosing her as their parents

Rose: That’s such a tough question, they’re equally as amazing. I’m just so honoured to actually be nominated alongside so many great people.

Rosie: And I’m grateful for the fans for voting because without the fans, we wouldn’t have our YouTube channel if they didn’t watch and support us, and we wouldn’t have won the award if they didn’t vote and they voted really hard. Our fans are really amazing.

Rose: And I’m happy that I didn’t fall down the stage!

On the most outrageous thing that’s happened on tour

Rosie: Oh lots of stuff. One girl smacked your bottom as you went on stage, didn’t she?

Rose: Yeah! I ran through the crowd and this girl just went for it. I thought, y’know what, I’ll take it haha.

Rosie: I felt left out!

Rose: Honestly the most crazy thing about the tour was probably the schedule. We were literally at a different show every night in each city. We were sometimes flying twice a day so it was pretty hardcore.

Rosie: There was one time where we flew straight from a show, so we did a meet and greet for two and a bit hours then a show which was an hour and a half long, then we went to the airport, flew at midnight, landed in Chicago and slept for two hours in the airport and then flew straight to Toronto to perform, did a meet and greet and performed. It was insane!

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Written by Katrina Rees

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