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CelebMix speaks to Em Ford and Lewys Ball at HelloWorld

Yesterday, the first ever HelloWorld! Live took place at Birmingham’s Genting Arena. Promising an “immersive live experience”, the event combined all elements of the YouTube world including live music, games, baking, books, beauty and everything in between. On top of all that, a whole host of YouTubers were present during the day, ready to entertain the crowd.

We had the opportunity to catch up with some of your favourite YouTubers during the day to chat all things HelloWorld and beyond. First up, here’s what beauty vloggers Em Ford and Lewys Ball had to say about the event, their beauty inspirations and more.

Em Ford

The beautiful Em Ford, better known as MyPaleSkinBlog, is an inspiring beauty YouTuber who’s been sharing her tutorials since 2014. Her channel went viral in 2015 after she developed adult acne and started sharing videos of herself both with and without makeup. Whilst many found her videos inspiring, Em received a horrific amount of negative comments regarding her appearance. Her ‘You Look Disgusting’ video was then born, which has since been viewed over 26 million times.

On being part of HelloWorld

I’m really excited actually, it’s come around so quickly! I’m bringing makeup tutorials to real life today so I’ve got three live tutorials today and three tomorrow. It’s exciting but a little bit nerve-wracking at the same time!

Her beauty inspirations

In terms of makeup artists and brands, I would say Charlotte Tilbury. Huge kinda rockstar girl crush, she’s just so effortlessly cool. Also Jamie who’s the founder of It Cosmetics. She’s also super inspiring as she’s the only female CEO of the company at L’Oreal so that’s incredible. She set up her own company seven years ago, sold it last year for over a billion dollars so that’s just incredible. They’re my huge brand crushes, but in terms of creators I love people who just like to have fun and don’t take themselves seriously such as Lex from Made U Look.

What an Em Ford beauty brand would include

Oooh watch this space! I’ve tested a lot of good products and I’ve tested a lot of bad products over the years so I’d say that the things my audience are crying out for are…I don’t want to give too much away… the ultimate products that every girl needs that are handbag-size.

Lewys Ball

The fabulous Lewys Ball, otherwise known as LookingforLewys, is an 18-year-old beauty vlogger. From makeup tutorials to beauty reviews, as well as general lifestyle videos, Lewys brings plenty of humour and sass to the YouTube world and is one to look out for.

His role at HelloWorld

I’m going to be doing a live makeup demo with The Body Shop which I’m so excited for, I’m going to be doing a glowy base. I think I’m doing a few other bits throughout the day, appearing here and there at different places.

His beauty inspirations

There’s so many amazing makeup artists all over social media so I just need to open up Instagram to be inspired. I get a lot of inspiration from everyday life such as nature, films, if I see an album cover which has nice complimentary colours then I’ll do that. I get my inspiration from pretty much everywhere but one of my favourite people who I love getting inspired by is Pat McGrath, she’s so so creative.

On balancing studying and YouTube

It’s definitely hard, I have to prioritise different things at different times depending on deadlines and stuff but I try and split it 50/50. Well, 40/40 with time for myself in case I turn into a robot. I try and do three days uni, three days YouTube which leaves a day spare for my social life. When I was in school last year,  I would always prioritise school work over YouTube because I had a year left, and that was over then, I could be a bit more free but it is hard. You’ve just got to manage your time wisely!

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Lewys Ball // credit: CelebMix

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Written by Katrina Rees

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