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CelebMix Twitter Fandom Awards 2018: BTSAnalytics – Best BTS Fan Account

The winners for our CelebMix Twitter Fandom Awards 2018 were announced last week, and among them was the winner for the Best BTS Fan Account, which is none other than @btsanalytics. With nearly half a million followers to their page, @btsanalytics is one of the most dedicated and passionate fan accounts out there dedicated to the K-pop group. The account, which consists of four admins, is not only constantly updating BTS fans with the latest news, but also translating the group’s tweets to fans around the world.

Pages dedicated to one’s favorite artists takes a lot of dedication and hard work and because not many people may think about the team behind it, we decided to interview @btsanalytics about what it’s like running an account such as theirs.

When did you start @btsanalytics and what compelled you to make an update account?

We started off as @BBMAsAnalytics and knowing the Billboard Music Awards would be a huge opportunity for BTS to breakout in the west, we were motivated to help ARMY mainly in voting and keeping on track. BTS were beginning to get more and more exposure by the time the BBMAs voting period had arrived. We realized how incredible it would be to see different people beginning to acknowledge their potential, how BTS could help elevate Asian representation in the western media and most of all their socially conscious messages they put out through their music was heard. 

How has owning an update account impacted your life?

We’re really happy to be helping out both BTS and Armys, at times it was difficult to keep up but we expanded our account and gathered more Army from around the world in order to help each other. We now have 6 owners and I hope that we can continue to help both BTS and Army for long while enjoying ourselves at the same time.

What does being an update account mean to you?

After so many Armys grew to trust us and appreciated our help, we felt like we had a responsibility on our shoulders. We wanted to keep helping Armys by collaborating with other BTS fanbases (update accounts) and providing any necessary information regarding voting, streaming, charting etc. To us, it means to help each other and BTS at the same time while creating a happy fan environment.

What do you enjoy most about @btsanalytics?

Celebrating BTS’ success with Armys after new releases, voting events and award shows. It’s always satisfying to see their hard-work and effort being recognized.

Give us a quick break down on the daily life of being an update account? Do you have a day to day routine on where to get updates first or do you just update on whatever you see first?

Luckily we are from around the world so we have separate time zones in which we are free to tweet in. We arranged the timings we can be active within each other in a way that any announcements or messages we wanted to make would be put out for most Armys to see. 

What do you love most about BTS?

They’re incredibly kind-hearted, humble, passionate, caring and so much more. They inspire us to be better people. They understand the difficulties people face in their everyday lives having gone through a heavy path themselves. They are always putting in endless effort when it comes to doing what they are passionate about. They work to better themselves every day, to accomplish their dreams they’d never believe could come true and to continue being a voice to our generation. Their music is a blissful gateway to escaping or understanding our own everyday problems. We love everything about them and their story.

When did you become a fan? How did you hear about them?

Admin #1: HYYH era. I introduced myself to a new genre of music and immediately wanted to know more about BTS because they stood out the most. I began to love them and their music straight away. Their hard work and passion was evident from the start. 

Admin #2: My friend put on a cover by the members – Jungkook + RM, singing to ‘Fools’ by Troye Sivan. I remember feeling giddy by how angelic his voice was and went on to find out more about BTS; eventually falling for them all. 

Admin #3: The BS&T+Fire MAMA 2016 performance, I couldn’t believe the level of professionalism and talent I was seeing. They caught my eyes at first glance. 

Admin #4: I found out about BTS in June 2015, hyyh pt.1 era. My friend showed me a music video of theirs and I fell in love with their music from the very first second! The group’s passion for everything they do made me stay with them forever and I have no regrets.

Do you like collaborating with other accounts or have you ever collaborated with other accounts? Would you consider it if you haven’t?

We have collaborated with other accounts but solely for the purpose of helping Armys and BTS. We set up a BTS Fanchants YouTube channel and @ARMYxAMAs Twitter prior to BTS’ AMAs US debut performance – so those attending the show could cheer them on.

Was there ever a point down the road where you wanted to delete @btsanalytics? If so, what made you want to keep the account instead of deleting it?

Yes, the pressure of running the account was there and will always be there. Like BTS, we also have our own responsibilities and academics to keep up with so introducing new admins was helpful. We were able to manage and in the end we remind ourselves that this is all to help BTS – whom we will have endless respect and gratitude for.

What was your first reaction when you found out you had been nominated for a CelebMix Twitter Fandom Award, and what was your reaction when you found out you won?

We didn’t even know we had been nominated; some Armys tagged us in the post saying congratulations to us so we were definitely confused at first but we are really grateful to hear that.

Where do you see @btsanalytics in the upcoming years? Do you think you’ll still be updating through your account?

As time is passing we’re expanding our account more and more. We’re introducing new, trustworthy admins when we can to keep up our pace as an account that is helping both BTS and Armys. While some admins have left or will leave due to their personal responsibilities , new Armys will hopefully join in running btsanalytics.

This is your official acceptance speech for the 2018 CelebMix Twitter Fandom Awards: do you have anything to say to the people who nominated and voted for you, to your loyal supporters, or BTS?

Honestly this feels so pressuring to answer since we’ve never received a win as such or done this before but, we’re definitely dedicating this win to all Armys out there who’re continuously loving and working hard for BTS to be recognized as much as us. Also, thank you for trusting us. We’ll continue to love and do our best for BTS while guiding this big family of Armys.

Thank you so much to @btsanalytics for speaking with us and congratulations on being crowned CelebMix’s Best BTS Fan Account!

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Written by Michele Mendez

Michele Mendez is an editor at CelebMix.com, where she covers all things pop culture, including entertainment, music, television, and film. In her free time, you can find her analyzing BTS' music videos or watching yet another series on Netflix. #ARMY Have a story idea? Contact: michele@celebmix.com / michelemendez182@gmail.com TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, & FACEBOOK: @michmendezmedia