CelebMix Valentine: BTS

For some, Valentine’s Day is just another day on the calendar. For others, it’s a holiday they’d just like to pretend doesn’t exist at all. For those who believe in love and magic, however, it’s a day to make grand gestures in love and decorate with all things pink, red, and sparkly.

We decided that this year, we’d join in on the Valentine’s Day festivities with our own CelebMix Valentines. We picked a few of our favorite celebrities, incorporated some cheesy pickup lines, and decided to fond over how impeccable they are. We hope you enjoy them!”

So, this time our CelebMix Valentine’s is BTS. The group comprises of seven angels who first bestowed their presence on us in the year 2013 when they debuted under BigHit Entertainment. Here are top three reasons why we love the boys:

Their sense of humour

If you are a BTS’ fan, you might have definitely seen “No one disses BTS like they diss themselves” videos. When V, Jimin and Jungkook gets together, they create a laugh riot filling the place with life. The same goes for J-Hope and Suga.

Their fan service

Talent can’t be hidden but it is the fans who through their love and support help talented people reach the top. Artists make a point to pay gratitude to such fans.

BTS’ members try their best to make every moment of their fans special. Adorning the headbands their fans bring for them or making fun of each other just to make their fans laugh, they try everything to keep fans happy. It might sound cheezy but they also write letters to ARMY.

Their dedication towards their work

At the end of every year, BTS promise to come back. They promise to improve, work hard and perform better. Till now, they have lived up to their words.

If you want to exemplify the significance of hard work, you should watch BTS journey. Metaphorically, it actually a journey from rag to riches. Their dedication towards their work is inspirational.

These three reasons are just some of the reasons why we love BTS, and think they’d be your perfect Valentine this year!

Written by Ayushi

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