CelebMix's Christmas Film Advent Day 200

CelebMix’s Christmas Film Advent: Day 21

The holidays are a chance for families to spend quality time together. However, some people remain focused on work, even during the holidays. Jack Frost takes a look at that problem and even gives a workaholic father another chance to be a good dad.

Michael Keaton takes on the role of Jack Frost, the lead singer of “The Jack Frost Band.” As he wants the band to get a record deal, he breaks promises, including those he made to his wife Gabby, played by Kelly Preston and son Charlie, played by Joseph Cross. As he is on his way to a gig, he realizes family is more important. He skips out on the gig and borrows a friend’s car to be with his family. A nasty storm and a bad windshield wiper cause Frost to crash the car. Unfortunately, he is killed as a result of the car crash.

A year after Jack’s death, Charlie still grieves over the loss of his father. One night, he creates a snowman that resembles his dad very well. The next morning, Jack comes back to life as the snowman. Jack decides to teach Charlie the values he never taught him while he lived. However, Jack starts melting as winter comes to an end. Jack and Charlie head to the cabin that the family were supposed to stay in a year earlier. Jack makes a phone call to Gabby and convinces her that he is Jack Frost. She arrives at the cabin, but the snowman has gone. Instead, Jack appears as he did while he was alive. He reminds Charlie that he will always be with him before returning to the afterlife.

This movie is great to watch anytime during the holidays. It reminds audiences about the importance of family, especially during the holiday season. Set aside some time and enjoy this movie with your family this Christmas.

Written by CelebMix