CelebMixs Christmas film advent Day 9

Today’s Christmas film behind the advent post is the brilliant Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992)

We once again meet the McCallister family as they are getting ready to go on a big family Christmas holiday.

Unlike the year before, everything seems to be going okay. Everyone makes it to the airport, and even on to a plane. BUT is everyone on the right plane? As soon as the McCallister clan arrive at their destination they realise someone is missing, Kevin.

This time, not only is Kevin alone, but he is alone in New York, and if that wasn’t bad enough, guess who else is on the loose in New York? The self called Wet Bandits, the two burglars that spent the previous Christmas trying to break in to their house.

The film sees Kevin’s family try in vain to find and get back to him, while Kevin tries to find his way around the big city, whilst trying to dodge the grasps of the now called sticky bandits, and the many other characters he meets along the way.

Although I love the first Home Alone, our second visit is my favourite. I have been forever jealous of Kevin’s first trouble free day in New York. A big fancy hotel room, with a huge bed all to himself, endless amounts of room service. Then a limo ride, with a giant pizza to a toy store. That sounds like my perfect day now, let alone when I was a kid.

Like the first Home Alone, the second is full of fun, with scheming plots, and elaborate traps. But there are moments of real sentiment that bring us back to reality. Showing us that Christmas is about being with our families, and taking a moment to spend with those that may not be able to be with their families.

Watch the trailer for Home Alone 2: Lost in New York below.

Written by CelebMix