CelebMix’s Top Films Of 2018

The brand new year, 2019, is here; and, in the spirit of the celebration, we’ve decided to take a look back on the films that have been released in 2018. It has certainly been a brilliant year in the world of film, so much so that we’ve found it difficult to choose our favourites.

We asked our writers what their favourite films of 2018 were and why. The result shows how incredible that year was, and it totally excites us for the years to follow. If these amazing films were released that year, 2019 is certainly going to be just as good.

If you’re looking for something really enjoyable, check out the films below and follow our advice and watch them all. It’ll be a great way to spend the start of 2019.

Christopher Robin / Chosen by Kelly McFarland (CelebMix Editor)

“Such a beautiful movie. Disney did not disappoint with this one. It was lovely to finally see Christopher Robin’s story and revisit much-loved characters such as Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, and Eeyore.”

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again / Chosen by Katrina Rees (CelebMix Editor)

“I think Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again was the only 2018-released film that I’ve watched but what a phenomenal film it was. I loved the first one so much so I was a bit sceptical about how this would stand up in comparison, but it was everything and more. I loved the storyline, the new cast additions, and the choice of songs. Despite a few tears shed (both happy and sad), overall it was an truly feel-good movie.”

Black Panther / Chosen by Michele Mendez (CelebMix Editor)

“The release of Black Panther was huge because it added diversity to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As a person of color myself, I was excited to see the film and felt even more excited that other people would finally be able to see themselves represented on screen. The movie itself was brilliant and added another perspective to the MCU because it gave us more insight to this universe and its characters.”

Truth Or Dare / Chosen by Jonathan Currinn (CelebMix Editor)

“Who hasn’t played Truth or Dare? It was a part of a lot of our childhood and part of growing up, and now it’s been turned into a film by the incredible Blumhouse. This was amazing and gripped me from start to finish, it’s not as scary as Blumhouse’s previous releases such as Paranormal Activity and The Purge, but that’s why I enjoyed this more. It freaked me out at times and had a lot of risk surrounding it. I’ve also followed Lucy Hale’s career as an actress and artist, and so this was a total must-see for me and I loved every second of it. My partner and I still pull the creepy face when we least expect it and ask, ‘Truth or dare?'”

A Star Is Born / Chosen by Isla Williams (CelebMix Writer)

“The fourth version of ‘A Star Is Born’, starring Lady Gaga, and Bradley Cooper in his directorial debut, was a show stopping and tear-jerking rendition which has the potential to become a modern-day classic. Both Gaga and Bradley’s performances were phenomenal in the movie, which sees Ally Maine (Lady Gaga) become a huge recording artist under the guise of singer-songwriter Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper), whose career takes a turn for the worse simultaneously. However, we are warning you, that you will definitely need some tissues for the ending of the movie!”

Bohemian Rhapsody / Chosen by Ellie Nicholas (CelebMix Writer)

“After what felt like an eternity waiting for its release, I was not left disappointed after watching this movie. I laughed, I cried and felt every single emotion while watching it. The casting was so spot on it was unbelievable and I would not be surprised to see Rami Malek nominated for an Oscar after his portrayal of Freddie Mercury.”

Crazy Rich Asians / Chosen by Katherine Jiang (CelebMix Writer)

“2018 was an amazing one for representation in lead roles. Crazy Rich Asians is my absolute favourite movie released in 2018. Being able to see characters that I identify with on such a deeper level was something that I’ll always hold so close to my heart.”

Love, Simon / Chosen by Dominic Beck (CelebMix Writer)

“2018 was deemed as 20GAYTEEN, a year for LGBTQ+ representation in the media, and Love, Simon was the leading film of that. A story about a closeted gay high school student finding his way around high school and dealing with his sexuality all whilst keeping it to himself is something the film’s audience can relate to. The accompanying soundtrack is stellar too, composed by Bleacher’s Jack Antonoff, from The 1975 to Troye Sivan, the soundtrack was the cherry on top of a love film.”

The Hate U Give / Chosen by Annemarie Cutruzzola (CelebMix Writer)

“I saw The Hate U Give at one of its screenings at TIFF, this past fall. It was such an impactful movie with extremely relevant social commentary. I was completely engrossed in Starr’s story the whole time. I thought it was very well casted, especially with Amandla Stenberg as the lead. It kept me at the edge of my seat and holding back tears at the same time.”

I, Tonya / Chosen by Kay Simpson (CelebMix Writer)

“Margot Robbie gives an outstanding and career changing performance as Olympic figure skater Tonya Harding, in the run up to the 1994 winter games. This biopic shows the heated rivalry between Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan which sadly leads to a devastating knee injury where all leads of how it happened turns to Harding’s partner Jeff Gillooly.”

Blockers / Chosen By Ashley Gale (CelebMix Writer)

“A comedy that is bound to have you laughing your butt off. Blockers was definitely my favorite movie of 2018.”

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald / Chosen by Brittany Sims (CelebMix Writer)

“I love the Harry Potter series. Fantastic beasts left me wanting more. I cannot wait for the next three.”

Avengers: Infinity War / Chosen by Azra (CelebMix Writer)

“How cliché of me. But can you blame me? I’ve been waiting for this movie to drop for what seems like decades, and it did not disappoint. Listen, I only cried at three movies in my life, and only one of them was released in 2018, so the choice was obvious (the other two were Hachi: A Dog’s Tale, and Marley and Me…. I got a soft spot for dogs). Even though I was genuinely tempted to walk out during the ninth minute after a certain trickster died, I managed to not burst into tears until the tenth minute. This movie really was a stepping stone for Marvel, and it may have been my stepping stone… off a cliff. When a movie makes you feel that way, you know it’s good.”

Venom / Chosen by Toby Bryant (CelebMix Writer)

“Marvel’s Venom seemed destined for failure when critics’ first reviews came in. However, the film went on to become the fifth highest-grossing film of 2018 with over $854 million made worldwide. It’s a breath of fresh air from the Marvel universe. It’s still got all the palm-sweating action that fans love, yet is by far the universe’s funniest film to date. That’s a hard balance to strike, Venom nailed it.”

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before / Chosen by Lynn Macgillivray (CelebMix Writer)

“I had heard so many good things about this film before watching and it completely lived up to my expectations. Lana Condor and Noah Centineo were perfect in their roles and it was one of the few films I have watched multiple times in 2018. Bring on the sequel!”

Ralph Breaks The Internet / Chosen by Nicola Craig (CelebMix Writer)

“Being the big kid I am this was the perfection addition to my 2018. Going on a tour of the internet, I loved seeing Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope working their way through the Internet showing it in a whole new light. We get to see some of our Disney faves – who wouldn’t love being reunited with the princesses! I definitely saw the internet in a whole new light after this.”

Isle Of Dogs / Chosen by Ashley Bulayo (CelebMix Writer)

“One thing that could make me cry more than anything? Dogs. Any movie about dogs is an ultimate win for me but the fact Wes Anderson directed this makes it even 10x better. I’m a huge fan of Wes so to see his work collide with my ultimate weakness was such a treat. The story. The animation. Everything was perfect about this film.”

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch / Chosen by Georgia Brown (CelebMix Writer)

“Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is my favourite film of 2018 because it’s different, but completely Black Mirror. The TV show is thought provoking and shows uncomfortable, yet possible, scenarios and situations. The film puts you in control of some of those uncomfortable situations which makes you think about the knock-on effect your choices have. It’s incredibly interesting and left me completely shocked. Bandersnatch will be a topic of conversation for a long time.”

The Grinch / Chosen by Sofia Esposito (CelebMix Writer)

“A fantastic remake of the original. Benedit Cumberbatch did an incredible job as The Grinch. This one is definitely one for the whole family.”

The Afterparty / Chosen by Evelin Mercedes (CelebMix Writer)

“One of my main favorite films of 2018 is Netflix’s The After Party. I’ve watched it a couple of times already and each time really feels like the first time. I love the abundance of rap artists and how the film showcases how rappers struggle to get a deal. I live in NYC so I recognized so many locations and it made me feel a bit closer to each scene.”

We don’t expect you to have watched them all, but if you have we applaud you! There may have been many great films in 2018 but they weren’t the only favourites of ours. Check out our 2018 favourite AlbumsEPsSinglesMusic VideosDebut ArtistsTV Series‘, YouTube VideosEventsCelebrity MomentsMemories, Success Stories , and CelebMix Articles; all chosen by our writers.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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