CelebMix’s Top YouTube Videos Of 2018

The brand new year, 2019, is here; and, in the spirit of the celebration, we’ve decided to take a look back on the YouTube Videos that have been released in 2018. This video platform has launched many stars, whether they’re musicians, artists, comedians, and even talkers – creating whole new stars known as YouTubers and social media influencers.

YouTube is definitely one massive platform and recently released their own music streaming platform as well as their own film and TV series streaming service, allowing you to watch full movies and TV shows upon payment. YouTube is certainly a company that is pulling out ahead, even though controversy surrounds it, especially with copyrighted material and ad revenue.

With young people turning into rising stars by uploading videos consistently on this video sharing platform, it’s no wonder that we had to include this brand new category. Check out the videos that made an impression on us. There’s bound to be a tonne we forgot to include too.

Melon Music Awards 2018 BTS WHO ARE YOU / Chosen by Michele Mendez (CelebMix Editor)

“BTS’ Melon Music Awards performance has become my favorite television performance of all-time. In their twenty-minute long performance, BTS showed their incredible artistry through telling a narrative on stage. Everything from their choreography to their visuals was spot-on and the last few minutes in particular were so mesmerizing that I couldn’t help but repeat it again and again. Their performance for ‘IDOL’ showed the group’s ability to mix traditional and modern elements to create a beautiful piece of art.”

Drag Queen Bianca Del Rio Hijacks the Weather Forecast | Good Morning Britain / Chosen by Jonathan Currinn (CelebMix Editor)

“This was just iconic. Bianca Del Rio is the only winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race who I wanted to win and was backing all the way; don’t get me wrong, all the other winners are amazing and worthy of their status, but from the first episode of season six, I backed Bianca Del Rio. Now, success is really coming for her with two film releases, a book, and worldwide tours, including London’s Wembley arena – which is the biggest venue a drag act has ever performed at. Bianca Del Rio dropped in to Good Morning Britain for promotion – Piers Morgan was lucky he wasn’t in this day. Various topics was covered, but Bianca Del Rio amazingly shot down Susanna Reid who tried to turn drag into a gender identity issue, to which Bianca Del Rio retorted that she identifies ‘as a clown’. It’s an unforgettable video for me because it opens up a lot of cis-gender eyes who may never have come across drag queens and who have their own opinions on them, to what the drag world is like.”

Spongebob surprises Italian chef Gino D’Acampo in Michael McIntyre’s wake up prank quiz! – BBC / Chosen by Katrina Rees (CelebMix Editor)

“Nothing has made me laugh so much as Gino D’Acampo on Michael McIntyre’s Midnight Gameshow. From start to finish, everything about it makes me laugh until I wheeze – Gino is so unintentionally funny. Just when you think it can’t get any crazier, it really does.”

Ward Thomas – Restless Voices | Episode 4 | Joel & Lia / Chosen by Laura Klonowski (CelebMix Writer)

“It’s been amazing seeing the Restless Voices series coming to life and Ward Thomas’ chat with YouTubers Joel and Lia was really eye-opening. Seeing how they cope with the online world and how the deal with trolling was really insightful and the open dialogue about mental health is truly inspiring.”

it’s okay not to be okay. / Chosen by Lynn Macgillivray (CelebMix Writer)

“This girl is an inspiration for me in so many ways. She spreads so much love and positivity everywhere she goes and with everything she does, and I love watching her videos and following her Instagram account. This video in particular really deals with different emotions we all feel in life and I think so many people can relate to it.”

Guess That ASMR Sound w/ Octopus, Raw Honeycomb, DIY Slime & Aloe Vera Challenge / Chosen by Brittany Sims (CelebMix Writer)

“Collins Key and his brother Devan are my favorite Youtubers. Collins was first on Americas Got Talent as a magician. Now, he is one of the top trending Youtubers.”

48 HOUR SURVIVAL CHALLENGE PART 1 / Chosen by Niki Smith (CelebMix Writer)

“This two-part series was INSANE. The boys had to live in the woods for 24 hours using only the bear essentials they had. Grayson excelled thanks to his obsession with watching survival videos before bed, but he and Ethan both learnt that the best way to succeed was together. It brought so much laughter to me, and showed the power of nature and having someone by your side.”

22 Musicals In 12 Minutes w/ Lin Manuel Miranda & Emily Blunt / Chosen by Charlotte Freeman-Coates (CelebMix Writer)

“I love musicals and though the late late show 22 musicals in 12 minutes with James Corden, Emily Blunt and Lin Manuel Miranda. Covering everything from Guys and Dolls to La La Land it was full of comedy chaos and amazing singing “

The Enemies of Jake Paul / Chosen by Ellie Nicholas (CelebMix Writer)

“This was my absolute favourite instalment in the series as we got to hear from Nick Crompton about his experiences working with Jake and got a further insight into some of the biggest dramas surrounding Jake. There were one or two episodes that I felt if they were removed from the series it would have still been a success, but this was certainly not one of them.”

James Charles x Morphe Reveal / Chosen by Sofia Esposito (CelebMix Writer)

“No one was ready for the launch of an incredible set of 39 beautiful colours for everyday and event looks.”


“I recently got into the beauty guru part of YouTube and I can’t get enough of them. All makeup artists are very talented and this has to be my favorite look.”

The Try Guys Get Kidnapped / Chosen by Azra (CelebMix Writer)

“First of all, I want to express my utmost joy that The Try Guys have started their own company and are now free to be themselves and to make content on their own. That being said, this video is amazing. Unlike their other videos, it deals with a darker theme than we’re used to with Keith, Eugene, Zach, and Ned. But they make it a bit lighthearted, interesting, and educational.”

Phil is not on fire 10 / Chosen by Kay Simpson (CelebMix Writer)

“Draw on your cat whiskers one last time as, Dan and Phil celebrate their 10 year anniversary of ‘Phil is Not on Fire’ in their usual set up, answering the silliest of questions and continuing to show off their wonderful friendship. We have watched the lads grow up from just starting out on their channels to going on world tours, pinof was their first collaborative video and was really the launch pad of the incredible things that followed.”

Dani and Jack Win Love Island! | Love Island 2018 / Chosen by Rachel Dempster (CelebMix Writer)

“The whole nation backed Jack and Dani to win right from the start of the series and it was great to see two such genuine, down-to-earth people win the series. They were both so shocked when they heard they won and it’s so nice to hear they’re still together.”

OUR WEDDING DAY | Chloe Lloyd & Josh Cuthbert (The Lloyd-Cuthberts) / Chosen by Nicola Craig (CelebMix Writer)

“Who doesn’t love a good wedding? When model Chloe Lloyd and ex-Union J member Josh Cuthbert got married it was all over Instagram and looked like one of the most magical wedding days of the year. In this video, we felt like we were there seeing everything from the getting ready part of the day, the beautiful venue, and the ‘I do’ moment. The Lloyd-Cuthberts definitely know how to party too as we see Union J performing at Josh’s wedding. If you want to feel good then head here and watch it yourself!”

DAY OF THANOS / Chosen by Georgia Brown (CelebMix Writer)

“Choosing a favourite YouTube video was hard because there have been so many incredible and funny ones but I always revisit this one from UberHaxorNova because of how it makes me laugh uncontrollably every single time. Fortnite was one of the most popular games of 2018 and Avengers: Infinity War was one of the biggest films of 2018, so the crossover between the two where Thanos was temporarily a playable character in Fortnite was huge. The part of this video that makes me laugh the most is when James builds a sky base and Thanos flys past because he realised too late someone was on the structure, and of course James’ reactions are always hilarious and entertaining.”

ANXIOUS | Hazel Hayes / Chosen by Annemarie Cutruzzola (CelebMix Writer)

“My favourite YouTube video of 2018 is this beautiful spoken word poem about anxiety, written and performed by Hazel Hayes. It is not only the video’s stunning animations, blurring the line between reality and imagination, that make this video stand out. The words and rhythm of the poem are carefully selected to portray the intended message, and it all fits together wonderfully. I was surprised how much I could relate to everything that was said – it perfectly describes the spiral my brain goes into when I’m anxious. The relatability in addition to the hopeful resolution are what bring me to tears every time I watch this video. “

There are apparently over 400 hours worth of video content being uploaded to YouTube every minute, which means it’s impossible to watch everything on YouTube in a lifetime. This also shows that there’s a lot of great content on the platform and this doesn’t even skim the surface of all the brilliant visuals. We hope you enjoyed watching some of our favourite videos from 2018, and we expect 2019 will bring many more amazing YouTube Videos. Check out our 2018 favourite AlbumsEPsSinglesMusic VideosDebut ArtistsFilmsTV Series‘,EventsCelebrity MomentsMemories, Success Stories and CelebMix Articles; all chosen by our writers.

Did we include your favourite YouTube video on this list? If not, tell us what your favourite YouTube video of 2018 was on Twitter @CelebMix.

Written by Jonathan Currinn

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