CelebMix’s Top TV Series’ Of 2017

Yesterday we started the brand new year, 2018; and, in the spirit of the celebration, we’ve decided to take a look back on the TV series that have been released in 2017. There has been plenty to talk about when it comes to TV series around the world, each and every one capturing viewers in every way.

No matter what sort of TV genre you like, we can pretty much promise that you’ll enjoy watching any of the below TV series’. We included our favourite TV shows so that you know what’s popular according to CelebMix.

If you’re looking for a TV series to fully get stuck into, why not check out the ones below. If we enjoyed it, we’re sure you will too. Start your 2018 right by watching one of these shows.

The Good Place – Chosen by Jonathan Currinn (CelebMix Editor)

“This dropped on Netflix UK & Ireland this year, and I totally binge-watched the whole of the first season – where there is a completely shocking twist at the end. Then the second season was released, an episode each week, making it excruciating to have to wait one entire week until the next episode – what’s worse is that it’s now gone on its mid-season break and won’t return until January 2018. Comical, hilarious, and extremely twisty, The Good Place is a show you need to start watching right now!”

Riverdale – Chosen by Cayla Masters (CelebMix Writer)

“Murder mysteries, a beautiful cast and teenage drama? Yes, yes and yes.”

Supernatural (Season 13) – Chosen by J Lauren (CelebMix Writer)

“Even after thirteen years, Supernatural is still able to wow their audience. Many fans were iffy about the arrival of the Nephilim Jack, played by Alex Calvert, but within one episode, everyone went from being irritated to wanting to do nothing but protect the half-angel. Jack brought back a lot of characteristics in Sam (Jared Padalecki), Dean (Jensen Ackles), and Castiel (Misha Collins) that fans have not seen for a while, which was the kind of refresher the show needed.”


Skam (Season 4) – Chosen by Annemarie Cutruzzola (CelebMix Writer)

“While Season 4 of the show originally aired in spring 2017, I just discovered Skam in November and I binged the entire series in about a week. I love everything about the show – the unique format, the use of technology, the actors, the ships – and of course the way the show so honestly and accurately portrays the highs and lows and of being a teenager by highlighting the different struggles each main character faces. In season 4 particularly, I found Sana’s point of view and the theme of religion eye-opening and intriguing. The final episode of the series with the alternating points of view and the closing speech by Jonas that brought everything full circle gave me all the feels!”

13 Reasons Why – Chosen by Lynn Macgillivray (CelebMix Writer)

“I have so, so many I want to choose for this one but going to go for 13 Reasons Why; this show has scenes which are so hard to watch, however, it is so unusual for TV shows to actually show us these scenes, and that is what I love most about 13 Reasons Why. The show does not shy away from the tough issues, instead, it showcases and explores them, which is so important and will hopefully help to start conversations about these issues which affect so many people every day. The cast are absolutely brilliant as well, and portray their characters so well.”


Pretty Little Liars (Season 7b) – Chosen by Niki Smith (CelebMix Writer)

“WHAT A WAY TO FINISH 7 YEARS. I still have so many questions which I’ll never find the answers to. But an Ezria wedding and a ‘twin’, it was INCREDIBLE.”

The Windsors (Season 2) – Chosen by Katrina Rees (CelebMix Editor)

“The Windsors is hands down one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen on TV and series two was just as hilarious when it aired earlier in the year. Based on the Royal Family, the comedy show turns their lives into an OTT soap opera with the most ridiculous situations. Hugh Skinner (Prince William), Ellie White and Celeste Dring (Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie) will forever make me laugh hysterically.”

The Good Doctor – Chosen by Ashley Dye (CelebMix Editor)

“Usually I’d say The Walking Dead, which is still my number two series, but The Good Doctor premiered this year which invited new audiences to sit in front of their televisions and open up to a new television experience. The series focuses around a Doctor with autism trying to navigate a world that isn’t accepting of him. He doesn’t let adversity stop him and he doesn’t let anyone stop him. It’s a feel-good series and we could all use more of that.”

Game Of Thrones (Season 7) – Chosen by Zoe Adams (CelebMix Writer)

“My favourite television series of 2017 is definitely, ‘Game Of Thrones’, because if you can overlook the blood and gore and the fact that it tends to painfully kill off any character you get emotionally attached to, then it is one of the most amazing television series’ ever. The show was already brilliant before, but it really outdid itself with its seventh season this year. I literally got a sore throat once from watching a whole episode of it with my mouth wide open in shock of how incredible it was!”

Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Season 4/5) – Chosen by Azra (CelebMix Writer)

“This show is still pretty fresh in terms of TV shows, but it keeps getting better with every season. There are moments when you think that they can’t do better than the previous season, they come in at you with full force – aliens, inhumans, HYDRA, robots, androids, and now time traveling in space? And one thing I absolutely love about it is the character development. Also don’t get me started on the strong female cast.”

Mindhunter – Chosen by Amber Nordberg (CelebMix Editor)

“Mindhunter is one of those shows that really grabs your attention. It really dives into the formation of the BAU and all the hard work the characters put into making it happen. You’ll need some popcorn and a blanket for this one because you will not be able to stop watching it.”


Chrisley Knows Best (Season 5) – Chosen by Amber Nordberg (CelebMix Editor)

“Reality TV has come a long way since it’s startup, and basically every channel has at least one or two of them. However, I can guarantee you that none of them will make you laugh, cry and make you feel like you are a part of your family like the Chrisley’s.”

Superstore (Season 2/3) – Chosen by Jess (CelebMix Writer)

“Superstore is possibly the best comedy series TV has seen since The Office. Following the weekly events happening in Cloud 9 is hilarious and entertaining! Whether you start at the beginning of season one or jump in the middle of a current season, you’re bound to find yourself laughing to the point of tears.”

Stage School (Series 2) – Chosen by Rachel Dempster (CelebMix Writer)

“The second series of Stage School was just as dramatic as the first. The script was incredibly well written and with more drama than ever, it did not disappoint!”

The X Factor (Series 14) – Chosen by Byaregal (CelebMix Writer)

“The X Factor this year was at its best for years. Whilst I didn’t really enjoy the show format changes, this year’s calibre of talent and originality was impressive (Hello RakSu and Kevin Davy White!).”

Peaky Blinders (Series 4) – Chosen by Kelly McFarland (CelebMix Editor)

“There is nothing more to say than, I adore this show. The reasons are too long to list. I love the relationship dynamic between Tommy (Cillian Murphy) and Polly (Helen McCrory).”

Black Mirror (Season 4) – Chosen by Nicola Craig (CelebMix Writer)

“I’ve loved Black Mirror since I was talked into watching Season 1 so ending the year with Season 4, to get stuck into, was ideal. The darkness of the series and the way in which it really makes you think about your actions and the world around you is what makes me such a fan. If you’re yet to watch it, make it your New Years Resolution.”


The Flash (Season 4) – Chosen by Michele Mendez (CelebMix Writer)

“The Flash is one of the best television shows I have ever seen! This season is especially great, as it is the first time the Flash is up against someone who’s not a speedster. I definitely did not expect that ending for the mid-season finale. If you haven’t watched The Flash before, I recommend you start watching it now. It will draw you in with just the first episode.”


There were so many TV series released in 2017, it’s difficult to keep up. We hope we included your favourite 2017 TV series. Check out our 2017 favourite AlbumsEPs, Singles, Music Videos, Films, Celebrity Moments, Memories, and CelebMix Articles; all chosen by our writers.

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