Celebrities and Their Hobbies

For many celebrities, their hobbies reflect their lifestyle and a way of creating an image of themselves. Often, the activities are also the reason that they become famous.

A hobby is any leisure activity that a person chooses to engage in, especially when they do not have to pay for it. A hobby requires a great deal of time, concentration, and money. Some of the most notable celebrities in history have hobbies that put them in the world’s limelight.

In our piece on celebrities and their hobbies, we will explore the list of celebrities having various pastimes that have taken the world by storm.

Here is a list of celebrities and their hobbies.

Tom Hanks, American Actor

Tom Hanks has participated in competitive computer programming. He has also spoken at schools to inspire students to pursue computer science, saying, “I do not know where the talent comes from; I just know that it is there.” Tom Hanks has also been involved with electro-pop music and has released three songs on the album Electric City.

The actor enjoys collecting antique typewriters and pens. He later opened up the Hanx Writer app for iPad, which gives the feel of typing on an old-fashioned typewriter. In addition, Hanks created a Hanx 707 typewriter made by QualityLogic Inc., which was sold at the New York Public Library Literary Lions Gala in November 2014.

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Square and Twitter, collaborated with Tom Hanks during the production of the Hanx Writer App.

Kelvin Hart, Comedian

Successful comedian Kevin Hart enjoys playing casino games. He is a great casino player and loves to play blackjack. Unfortunately, Kevin has played in different tournaments and has had some losses. Nevertheless, he is still one of the most entertaining casino players.

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Taylor Swift, American Musician

Taylor Swift is not only a talented singer and songwriter, but she is also an avid fan of tennis. She is often seen in the stands at the US Open, cheering on her favorite players.

Taylor Swift also loves to read. The singer often tweets about her love for books. In her own words: “I love reading so much that I try to write songs that feel like short stories.”

Sometimes, hobbies can even become a profession for stars like Taylor Swift, who continues to share her love for making snow globes.

David Beckham, English Footballer

David Beckham is known for fashion and soccer, but his real passion lies in collecting tattoos. He has over 40 tattoos on his body. In fact, he started getting his tattoos done in 1999.

He also collects cars and has a vast collection of luxury vehicles. He also has a great interest in wine, and he has an exceptional wine cellar where he keeps all his wines. He is also interested in art and design.

Barack Obama, Former US President

Barack Obama took up the basketball game while he was in high school. He loves basketball so much that he installed a full-length court at the White House during his tenure as president of the United States. But, of course, he also plays golf when he’s not playing hoops.

Obama is also known to love music and is a big fan of Motown, R&B, and jazz. Jay-Z invited him to attend his concert at Carnegie Hall in 2012. Obama also likes scrapbooking – a hobby usually done by women when it comes to hobbies.

Chris Martin, English Singer

Chris Martin, lead singer of the famous band Coldplay, is a confessed video game addict. He once said that he would love to be a video game developer if his career as a musician didn’t work out. His favorite games are The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Final Fantasy VII, and Paper Mario.

Keen on football; he has also played at many charity matches, including Soccer Aid and Match for Africa. In addition, he owns the rights to the name “The Hot Chocolate Factory,” and it is rumored that he wants to set up a chocolate factory in Los Angeles.

Christiano Ronaldo, Portuguese Footballer

Ronaldo loves to play casino games, and he’s also extremely generous, donating all of his winnings to charities.

Who knew that the world’s best soccer player was also a big fan of the world’s most popular card game, blackjack? Ronaldo is one of the most famous athletes globally, but his love for poker has developed into an impressive skill over the years.

Get to Know your Favorite Celebrity’s Hobby

It’s not strange to come across a celebrity who enjoys the same hobby as you. On the other hand, it’s a neat little reminder that celebrities are just people like us, who enjoy doing the same things in their spare time. Whether writing, painting, or playing casino games, some celebrities share your interests and passions.


Written by Monella