One Direction attend a Paediatric clinic at Princess Mary Louise Hospital, Accra, Ghana

Celebrities Are People Too

As humans, we were raised to be curious beings. We were taught from a very young age to question the world around us . We were taught to question people and how they interact, behave and influence one another. We were taught that there is more to people than what they appear. Most importantly, we were taught to never judge a book by its cover.

The age of the Internet and social media changed all of that. Suddenly, everything we have learned about life and people wasn’t enough. The saturation of the information available made everything a click of a button away. You didn’t have to leave the comfort of your own home to learn more about new places, cultures, trends and most importantly people.

Social media became a platform for people to voluntarily show off their lives and create voices for themselves. It gave a voice to the voiceless. It gave them the opportunity to produce visual and written content and easily publish to millions of people. Celebrities were now able to communicate one on one with their fans and share information about themselves that they would like people to know about, but that wasn’t enough to most…

And all of the sudden, a cycle of intrusiveness was created and the trend of bullying and cyber bullying dramatically increased. The digital age  allowed people to senselessly vent off their feelings about subjects and people with no repercussions or worry. Human curiosity aggressively grew. They now needed to know everything about each other and most importantly they wanted to know everything about public figures. That is when the age of paparazzi and tabloids began.

Celebrities are now unable to go about their daily lives without flashing lights and screaming fans. They are living life under a microscope with every move and flaw pointed out to the general public just for the sake of their own entertainment. Abruptly, people needed to know every certain aspect of a celebrity’s life. Who are they dating? what is their sexuality? Who are they feuding with? Do they have a mental problem?

How are these celebrities supposed to keep their sanity when the world around them is going insane? Being a celebrity doesn’t make you less human, it only makes people around you act inhumane. You get all these media stories every day about a famous person loosing it or going insane, but none mention that they’re the reason behind their insanity.

As I said before, we were born to be curious human beings but to what extent do we draw the line?

Celebrities are not objects or puppets for entertainment, they are living , breathing human beings. I know can’t completely eliminate this act from happening ,but what I can do is raise awareness in the hope of a chain reaction.


Written by CelebMix