Celebrities Tie A Knot To Bring Awareness To Elephant Extinction

A campaign with the hashtag, #knotonmyplanet, is spreading throughout the internet to bring awareness to elephant extinction. To show support, people are tying a knot, donating, and challenging their friends to do the same. Celebrities have also joined the campaign to bring awareness to the important cause.

Unfortunately, the numbers of elephants on our planet is dwindling every day due to hunters slaughtering the animals for their ivory tusks. The ivory is then used to make decorative items, such as jewelry, to be sold for profit. WCN Statistics show that one elephant is killed every 15 minutes for its tusks.

According to the Save The Elephants website, the tusks are vital for elephants to survive because they are enormous teeth. However, they also serve a greater purpose. Elephants use their tusks to dig roots, collect water, to eat, and also to battle one another.

The #knotonmyplanet campaign is supporting the Elephant Crisis Fund, with 100% of its donations going directly towards organizations that work to save elephants.


To learn more, visit Save The Elephants or the Wildlife Conservation Network. You can also make a donation here.

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Cover Photo Credits: Karlie Kloss Official Twitter Account

Written by Michele Mendez

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