The Vegan Diet & Lifestyle: An Emerging Trend Among Celebrities this 2019

The vegan diet & lifestyle is one of the most talked-about health and wellness trends this 2019. Celebrities who choose to embody it has become blunt and rave of its benefits. But the most interesting aspect of veganism is the fact that their fans are joining in on the bandwagon. It has caught the attention of those who would like to transform their health and well-being.

If you are curious about this kind of diet and how it ties to your bodybuilding efforts, you can find much inspiration for vegan bodybuilding meals online. Read here to learn more about how it can affect your daily living and how you can convince others to be part of the movement.

5 Benefits of a Vegan Lifestyle

If you are curious about the vegan lifestyle, there are plenty of reasons to adopt this kind of lifestyle. It is a big life choice so make sure that you are fully committed to it. All of its undeniable benefits are listed below for you to assess how you can give up meat or meat-based products.

Body Consciousness

The first and most common reason why vegans choose this kind of diet is for its health benefits. Many of the vegans start with a vegan cleanse for a few weeks. A plant-based diet helps to cleanse your body of toxins and fill it with nutrients without losing energy.

A vegan diet can also promote the function of your major organ systems. It can be beneficial to your kidney and cardiovascular health. Whether you choose to adopt a vegan diet for a limited time or good, you will notice the difference in your health.

Energy & Nutrients

A plant-based diet is richer in nutrients even when you eliminate meat products. Plant-based food is higher in fiber content along with antioxidants and other beneficial compounds. They are also a good source of folate, magnesium, potassium, and several types of vitamins.

The most common criticism for a vegan diet is the possibility of suffering from nutritional deficiency. But if you vary up your meal plan, you will be able to absorb the essential nutrients needed by your body.

Weight Loss

Another health benefit of a vegan diet is the ability to lose excess weight. If you want to lose weight, whether as a lifestyle choice or for health reasons, you can turn to a plant-based diet for that. A plant-based diet is more effective at helping lose weight over a calorie-restricted diet.

Protecting the Earth

The environmental benefits are also part of the reason why celebrities choose the vegan diet. Many organizations promote veganism to aid in protecting the planet and its resources. Cattle ranching and animal herding are some of its examples.

These have been linked to the destruction of rainforests all over the world. If you want to contribute to a more eco-friendly diet and to protect the rights of animals, a vegan diet is the best choice for you.

Ethical Lifestyle

The ethical benefits of veganism are part of the reason why it is looked at as more than just a dietary choice but as a lifestyle choice. The plant-based choices in your diet impact other aspects of your life.

Some of the examples are your choices when shopping for clothes, accessories, and more. This is one way to show your support for animal rights and to discourage animal cruelty.

Which Celebrities Have Gone Vegan?

Still not feeling inspired to switch to a vegan lifestyle? There is an army of celebrities that are choosing the vegan diet and lifestyle. You can be inspired by them to make the switch and earn the benefits of veganism.

Zac Efron

As one of the celebrities who recently switched to a vegan lifestyle, the star of Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, And Vile, Zac Efron, attributed the plant-based diet as the reason why he has achieved the toned physique. If you ever needed a reason to adopt this kind of diet, this should convince you to make that switch.

Benedict Cumberbatch

In 2018, he was named by PETA as the most beautiful vegan. The “Dr. Strange” actor has been on a plant-based diet for many years now.

He announced that he was going to switch to a vegan lifestyle as part of his promotion for the Avengers film. He uses this type of diet to get in shape for his movies, too.

Ellie Goulding

She is another celebrity who has made her decision to switch to veganism. According to her, this decision came after fully realizing how meat was processed.

Ariana Grande

The famous pop star is known for her catchy tunes. But not a lot of people realize that she is also a vegan. Grande cited her reason for switching to a vegan diet as her love for animals. In her support for animal rights, she has decided to opt for a plant-based diet.

Meghan Markle

As a royal, you would expect that Meghan Markle should be able to eat whatever she wants. And yet, she chose to be a vegan, which is a decision she made while she was still filming for the TV show “Suits”.

The Duchess of Sussex claims that it was her conscious decision to choose veganism. This is because she has been conscious of what she eats.

Serena Williams

As one of the best female tennis players in the world, Serena Williams decided to turn to a vegan diet and lifestyle following the birth of her daughter. Aside from choosing a plant-based diet, she also scrapped sugar off her diet.


The pop icon herself is one of the most celebrity vegans. Despite being 60 years old, Madonna looks much younger than her age.

Since adopting the super strict macrobiotic diet, she felt healthier and more energized. Her diet includes quinoa and other types of whole grain, fruits, vegetables, and cold-pressed juices.

Lea Michele

The former Glee star has switched her diet to veganism because she wanted to experience the health benefits. She also cited her support for animal rights to switch to veganism.

Do you want to go vegan? Which of these benefits have inspired you to switch to this kind of lifestyle?

Written by Monella