don't let it break your heart

Chapter 4 of Louis Tomlinson’s Breaking Down Walls series shows just why he should do a tour documentary

Louis Tomlinson and his team at LTHQ have been regularly uploading new chapters of “Breaking Down Walls” which see’s the Kill My Mind singer sit down with Gordon Smart with a pint and discuss everything from his musical taste to his writing inspiration, live performances and his extremely passionate and dedicated fanbase.

In chapter 4 he talks about his latest single Don’t Let It Break Your Heart, which he says he wrote roughly a year ago in LA when he was trying to write uplifting songs that would remind himself and others that you can get through the bad things that life likes to throw at you.

The video also sees some behind the scenes footage from the video shoot for the single, where plays a getaway driver in a heist, the music video was the third part of a trilogy which played out over his last few releases, Kill My Mind and We Made It. In the video, Louis helps out the protagonist by being his getaway driver during a heist and then switching out the money so that his friend can get away from their controlling and domineering boss, who seems like a very nasty piece of work, and start a new life with his girlfriend away from the boss.

The Breaking Down Walls series has been a huge hit with his fanbase who have regularly taken to social media to say how much they are enjoying Louis talking openly and candidly about his songwriting, the writing process and his transition from boy-bander having 4 others on the stage with him, to being just him up there.

Louis and his team at LTHQ have created a dynamic and open dialogue with this series that gives people look at Louis as a lyricist and who he is as a person, it’s breaking down the walls of the creative process.

This is something Louis and his team have done well with all the social coverage they’ve done of Louis as he promotes his singles, albums and performs at various shows. It is something they could easily continue as he sets out on his world tour, and do an in-depth tour documentary, that captures his entire world tour, from planning meetings to rehearsals, to what he does at soundcheck, to see what the sound technicians. production assistants and tour managers etc do pre/post and during a show.

It could be a really insightful look into something his fans don’t often get to see and would celebrate an occasion both Louis and his fans have been waiting for, for a long time.

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Written by Kelly McFarland

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