don't let it break your heart

Louis Tomlinson Releases Don’t Let It Break Your Heart

Louis Tomlinson isn’t breaking the hearts of his fans at the moment as his latest release Don’t Let It Break Your Heart is his third single release in as many months. He’s the musical gift that keeps on giving.

Don’t Let It Break Your Heart was written by Louis with Cole Citrenbaum, Wrabel, Stuart Crichton & James Newman and was produced by Steve Mac. It became a firm fan favourite of Louis’s fanbase after he debuted the song in Madrid when he performed at the Coca Cola Music Experience Festival.

It’s a highly emotive song that speaks of lost love, though stylistically it follows the same pattern as all of his solo releases to date, it’s empowering. Louis is a lyricist who strives to be positive in his songs, even when he’s talking about tough and more darker subjects.

What hurts you is gonna pass

And you’ll have learned from it when it comes back

Don’t Let it Break Your Heart- Louis Tomlinson

He uses things in his own life and those around him to craft songs which tackle subjects people can relate to, while being supportive and showing you can get through even the hardest times. Don’t Let It Break Your Heart is a stellar example of this.

Don’t you let it kill you, even when it hurts like hell

Don’t Let It Break Your Heart- Louis Tomlinson.

You can hear Don’t Let It Break Your Heart live when Louis takes to the road in 2020 for his world tour. Many of the dates are already sold out, but he has said he plans to add more next year. You can get all the ticket info here.

Louis’s debut album Walls will be released on January 31 2020, you can pre-order your copy now.

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