Charli XCX announces new single ‘1999’ featuring Troye Sivan

'1999' will be Charli XCX's latest single, following up from 'Girls Night Out' released in July 2018

‘1999’ has been announced as Charli XCX’s latest single, following fan speculation and will feature Troye Sivan


Charli XCX’s latest single, ‘1999’ which features one of our ‘FAV POP LEGENDS’ Troye Sivan, will be released this Friday 5th October. The single’s announcement comes as no surprise to die-hard XCX fans as they have been expecting it’s release for quite some time now. Charli XCX has been releasing new singles monthly since May 2018 and when there was no single released in August, fans started to question XCX on her next release.

She quickly assured fans that the ‘monthly music drop’ was going to be later than expected. This was later revealed as a feature on ‘100 Bad’, a single by Tommy Genesis. She also told fans that ‘something very special’ was coming in a few weeks time. A rumoured single, ‘1999’ started to make the rounds on Twitter. It was then rumoured to feature Troye Sivan, both of which have now been confirmed by XCX herself.

The announcement of ‘1999’ follows also after a string of Charli XCX tweets which makes references to 90s movies. This was when, the die-hard fans KNEW ‘1999’ was coming, and they were right. Upon announcing the single, both Charli XCX and Troye Sivan unveiled the single’s artwork, which is being praised by fans:

With the announcement of ‘1999’, fans are hoping this is a sign of Charli XCX’s long-awaited third album. Previous single releases include, ‘5 in The Morning’, ‘Focus’ / ‘No Angel’ and ‘Girls Night Out’, all of which are likely to feature on the (maybe?) upcoming album.

You can listen to all previous singles here:

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